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Russell Wilson Workout Routine

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Russell Wilson's Workout Routine & Diet

What does Russell Wilson’s workout routine look like? 

Russell Wilson is an American football player who plays for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. He has played college football for the University of Wisconsin. 

Wilson has also played minor league baseball in his early years. He was selected by the Seahawks in 2012. He has been named to seven Pro Bowls and he holds multiple records for most wins by an NFL quarterback. 

Within this article, we’ll discuss Russell Wilson’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


Current Stats

  • Height: 180 cm – 5’11”
  • Weight: 98 kg – 215 pounds 
  • Age: 31 years old 
  • Birthday: 29th of November, 1988 
  • Accolades: 7X Pro Bowl 


Workout Principles 

When it’s off-season, he lifts 4 days each week and performs a split between speed and strength. Wilson likes to change things up by doing a combination of TRX and core exercises. 

Wilson requires workout that matching with his quarterback routine and sometimes he let his coach help him with his workout routines. 


Russell Wilson Workout Routine

Russell Wilson’s workout regime has helped him to gain more than 8 pounds in the spring before he won his first Superbowl.  

He normally hits the gym around 5 days a week and he also focuses on eating healthy and organic food to stay in his best shape. 

Here is Russell Wilson’s workout routine: 


Russell Wilson’s Monday Routine 

On Monday, Russell Wilson hits 6 different exercises.

Here is Russell Wilson’s Monday routine: 

1. Medicine Ball Snatch & Throw (3 sets, 5 reps)

2. Medicine Ball Jerk (3 sets, 5 reps)

3. Power Clean (3 sets, 5 reps) 

4. Single-Leg Squat (3, 5 reps on each side)

5. Suspended Row (4 sets, 8 reps)

6. Cable Curl (2 sets, 8 reps) 



On Tuesday, Wilson performs 7 different exercises with an average of 3 sets.

Here is Russell Wilson’s Tuesday routine: 

1. Front Squats (3 sets, 5 reps) 

2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (3 sets, 5 reps)

3. Bench Press (3 sets, 8 reps) 

4. Dumbbell I-Y-T (2 sets, 8 reps)

5. Band Pullaparts (3 sets, 25 reps)

6. Overhead Triceps Extension (3 sets, 8 reps)

7. Swiss Ball Stability Hold (3 sets until failure)


Russell Wilson’s Wednesday Routine: Rest 

On Wednesday, Russell Wilson rests. 



On Thursday, Wilson hits 7 different exercises.

Here is Russell Wilson’s Thursday routine: 

1. Dumbbell Hang Snatch (3 sets, 3 reps)

2. Power Clean (3 sets, 5 reps)

3. Step Ups (3 sets, 5 reps on each side)

4. Towel pull-up (2 sets, 8 reps)

5. Cable Lawnmower Row (3 sets, 8 reps on each side) 

6. Scap Pushup (3 sets, 8 reps)

7. Cable Curl (2 sets, 30 seconds) 


Russell Wilson’s Friday Routine 

On Friday, Russell Wilson hits a total of 4 different exercises with an average of 3 sets. 

Here is Russell Wilson’s Friday routine: 

1. Barbell Squats (4 sets, 5 reps) 

2. Staggered Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (3 sets, 5 reps on each side)

3. Incline Alternating Dumbbell Press (3 sets, 8 reps on each side)

4. Incline Pushups (2 sets, 15, 12, 10 reps)



On Saturday, he performs a total of 11 different exercises.

Here is Russell Wilson’s Saturday routine: 


1. TRX Reverse Flys (3-5 sets) 

2. Low Row Shortened Position (3-5 sets) 

3. Sprinter’s Start with a Hop (3-5 sets) 

4. Power Pulls (3-5 sets) 

5. Suspended Incline Press (3-5 sets) 


6. Hover Plank (3-5 sets) 

7. Side Plank (3-5 sets) 

8. Split Squat Superband Rotations (3-5 sets) 

9. Superband Chops (3-5 sets) 

10. Bicycle Crunches (3-5 sets) 

11. Oblique Crunches (3-5 sets) 


Sunday: Rest 

On Sunday, Russell Wilson rests. 


Russell Wilson Diet 

Russell Wilson eats around 8-9 meals a day and he has tried to avoid gluten and dairy products.

He has increased his calorie intake from 2,700 to 4,800 and he also makes sure that he drinks plenty of water each day. 

Here is Russell Wilson’s diet: 


1. Breakfast 

  • Almond butter
  • Oatmeal 
  • 6 eggs 
  • Fruit


2. Snack 

  • Protein shake 


3. Snack 

  • Fruit 


4. Lunch 

  • Beets 
  • Steak 
  • Sweet potatoes


5. Snack 

  • Protein shake 


6. Snack 

  • Fruit 
  • Nuts 
  • Nut butter 


7. Dinner 

  • Fish 
  • Green salad 


8. Snack 

  • Protein shake 



Russell Wilson uses the following supplements to help fuel his gains: 



When Russell Wilson played high school football he was named the ‘Player of the Year’ twice.

He was drafted in 2012 and has since then been known as one of the best NFL players in history. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. 

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Emmy Wallin is a writer for Jacked Gorilla. She is a young Swedish girl from Uppsala, who is currently traveling around the world. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Emmy has been studying celebrities careers, lifestyles, and workout routines for over 3 years. She is the face behind the workout routine articles here on Jacked Gorilla. Follow Jacked Gorilla on Instagram: @jackedgorillanews

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