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Jacked Gorilla About

Jacked Gorilla was brought to life in 2013, and acquired by Wealthy Gorilla LLC in June 2019.

We had to breathe new life into the blog, in an attempt to bring you the best content on celebrities’ workout routines, supplement reviews, gym equipment reviews, and entertaining fitness lists.

Wealthy Gorilla LLC is a company owning and operating 4 ‘Gorilla’ Blogs, which have received a combined 160+ million page views in over 200 countries.

Wealthy Gorilla, the flagship website, reaches over 3.5 million unique people every single month, and has a social media following of 200,000 people.

Jacked Gorilla was the second site to join the franchise, and if the success of Wealthy Gorilla is anything to go by, you can be sure we won’t disappoint.

Take a look through our site to read up on how some of the most notorious actors in Hollywood got jacked for their superhero movie roles; or which the best supplements are to buy in 2020.


Our Other Brands (The Gorilla Team)

All Gorilla Brands

Wealthy Gorilla LLC currently owns and operates four different brands, and we have plans to expand further in the future. Every brand we create or invest in is a passion for us and the members of our team.

The end goal is to help you get the information, inspiration, motivation and help you need.

Check out our current brands below:


Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla About

Wealthy Gorilla is our flagship blog, and the website where it all began. The site was founded in April 2014, and covers content on motivation, self-development, celebrity net worth, quotes, richest lists, and success lessons.

The blog has reached over 160 million page views worldwide.


Gaming Gorilla

Gaming Gorilla About


Gaming Gorilla was brought to life in February 2020, and covers some of the top lists in gaming. Focusing on PlayStation and Nintendo, you’ll definitely want to head over there if you’re a gaming fan.


Tattoo Gorilla

Tattoo Gorilla About

Tattoo Gorilla is a project in the making, focusing on the design aspect of tattoos. The site will feature lists of all the best tattoos to fit your own personal inspiration. If you’re a tattoo lover, or looking to get a new tattoo, stay tuned for when this site goes live.

Our content writer, Emmy, is a fellow tattoo lover, and has 2 full arm sleeves.


Vaping Gorilla

Vaping Gorilla About Page

Vaping Gorilla is still in the process of being built, so stay tuned for when we go live. We’re excited to launch this vape blog seeing as we have several avid vape experts and enthusiasts on our team.

For people new to vaping, and for those wanting to know what’s good and what’s not; head on over there.