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The 5 Best Creatine Supplements to Increase Your Strength

Whether you are an aspiring body builder, a future athlete or a new gym rat taking a creatine supplement is the best way to ensure that you build more muscle in a shorter timeframe.

It causes the muscles to store more energy that lead to greater muscle gain and an increase in strength.

Taking creatine will allow you to overcome that dead arm feeling and leave you capable of doing additional reps and exercises. Below, we’ve reviewed the best creatine supplements in 2019 so that you can choose the best product.

MuscleTech CreaCore
Beast Sports Creature Powder
Optimum Micronized Creatine
Universal Nutrition Creatine
MusclePharm Creatine
Form:hydrochloride (HCL)5 blends including monohydratemonohydratemonohydrate5 blends including monohydrate
Fenugreek extract:

#1 MuscleTech CreaCore


As our number 1 rated creatine in 2015, MuscleTech CreaCore combines performance and taste in a value priced supplement. Taken daily, MuscleTech CreaCore has been proven to deliver excellent results in a short amount of time.

This supplement is the first creatine powder to use fenugreek extract for better results. Fenugreek extract has been scientifically tested and proven to result in more muscle mass and endurance in a shorter amount of time.

Despite being available in a wide variety of flavors, MuscleTech CreaCore has received subpar reviews for leaving a bitter aftertaste.

#2 Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder

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Falling just short of being the number 1 supplement, Beast Sports Nutrition uses a brand new formula that leads to muscle growth, speeds of recovery time and increases strength.

The supplement increases the user’s endurance so that they can work out longer and longer without pain.

The ingredients for this product have been specially chosen because they treat the stomach with care and prevent bloating and nausea.

#3 Optimum Micronized Creatine


As our only tasteless supplement, the Optimum Micronized Creatine is the ideal product for athletes and body builders who do not want to deal with the poor taste of other creatine powders.

Without any grittiness or rough texture, this is a well-designed supplement that appeals to many. There is nothing state of the art or fancy about this creatine and instead it is just a quality product.

Despite being tasteless, some users of this product have complained that it leaves them with an upset stomach.

#4 Universal Nutrition Creatine

universal nutrition

Many manufacturers of creatine supplements create the product by using different qualities and forms of creatine such as monohydrate. Consequently, different products have different levels of quality.

Universal Nutrition Creatine is produced from creatine monohydrate powder from Germany. This powder is the only clinically proven type of creatine that delivers the best results. It is patented as being the best type in the world.

The supplement helps build lean muscle mass by increasing the size of muscle cells so that more growth can occur.

Like our last place product, this supplement does not easily dissolve in liquid and did not produce desired results in as short of an amount of time as higher rated supplements.

#5 MusclePharm Blend


Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders, MusclePharm Creatine is a quality supplement for increasing strength and muscle growth. The product uses ingredients that have been proven to increase stamina, strength and muscle growth.

Users of this supplement are advised to take three scoops daily with water, juice or a protein drink to maximize results. Customers who have purchased this supplement have stated that it has led to increased energy and muscle mass after only a few weeks of use.

Unfortunately, the product has received poor ratings compared to other supplements from the list because of its gritty texture and poor taste. It does not always dissolve in water or other liquids making it difficult to ingest.


Written by Jacked Gorilla

Jacked Gorilla was founded in 2013, with a mission to provide people reviews of the best supplements in bodybuilding, as well as training advice, workout routines, and much more.

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