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Gerard Butler Workout Routine



Gerard Butler's Workout Routine & Diet

As you guys probably know, Gerard Butler starred in the movie 300 as King Leonidas. During that time he became the most shredded we’ve ever seen him, along with his other 299 Spartan warriors.

His portrayal of ‘King Leonidas’ earned him worldwide recognition and award nominations. Butler has also produced movies and appeared on television. 

Within this article, we’ll discuss Gerard Butler’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


Current Stats 

Height: 1.88 cm – 6′2” 

Weight: 102 kg – 225 pounds 

Age: 50 years old 

Birthday: 13th of November, 1969

Accolades: Golden Camera, Winner, 2016


Workout Principles

Butler is most likely to spend all the free time in the gym. We all know he starred in the movie ‘300’. The Gerard Butler 300 Workout and diet is a 5-6 day routine.

The workout focuses on Olympic lifts, functional training, and metabolic body movements. The Gerard Butler 300 workout was designed by Mark Twight. 


Gerard Butler’s Workout Routine 

Gerard Butler concentrates on keeping his body fat low and for that, he normally likes to mix up his exercise with a lot of cardio. 

Aside from explosive moments, Butler performs plyometrics for his upper body. 

Here is Gerard Butler’s workout routine: 


Monday: Arms

Within this routine, he hits 7 different arm exercises. 

Here’s Gerard Butler’s arms routine: 

1. Pull-Ups (25 reps)

2. Deadlifts (50 reps)

3. Push-Ups (50 reps)

4. Box Jumps (50 reps)

5. Floor Wipers (50 reps)

6. Clean and Press (50 reps)

7. Pull-Ups (25 reps)


Tuesday: Cardio, Legs, and Squats 

On Tuesday, Butler targets cardio, legs, and squats by doing 7 different exercises.

Here’s Gerard Butler’s cardio, legs, and squats routine: 

1. One-Arm Snatches (25 reps)

2. Back Squats (50 reps)

3. Push-Ups (50 reps)

4. Double Unders (50 reps)

5. Sit-Ups (50 reps)

6. Clean and Press (50 reps)

7. One-Arm Snatches (25 reps)


Wednesday: Cardio

On Wednesday, he performs a cardio routine focusing on major 7 exercises.

Here’s Gerard Butler’s cardio routine: 

1. Pullups (25 reps)

2. Dumbbell Deadlift (50 reps)

3. Pushups (50 reps)

4. Body Weight Squat Jumps (50 reps)

5. V-Up (50 reps)

6. Dumbbell Push Press (50 reps)

7. Pullups (25 reps)


Thursday: Circuits 

On Thursday, Butler hits a circuits routine. Each exercise is performed for a total of 25 reps. 

Here’s Gerard Butler’s circuits routine:

1. Bodyweight Rows (15 reps)

2. Bodyweight Squats (25 reps)

3. Pushups (15 reps)

4. Jumping Jacks (50 reps)

5. Mountain Climbers (20 reps)

6. Close Grip Pushups (10 reps)

7. 15 bodyweight rows (15 reps)


Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Rest 

Rest is one of the most important steps to build a great physique. 


Gerard Butler’s Diet 

The Gerard Butler 300 diet consisted of what the typical Spartan Diet of the day would have been. They wanted the actors to look like the real thing.

By barely eating enough for recovery, they gained well-fined abs and musculature. The Spartan diet, along with some other sources of lean protein.

Here is Gerard Butler’s diet: 


1. Breakfast: 

Cottage cheese, Avocado, Protein shake


2. Lunch: 

Olives, Wild Rice, Chicken 


3. Snack: 

Protein Shake, Apple 


4. Dinner: 

Fish, Brown Rice, Vegetables, Figs 



Gerard Butler uses the following supplements to help fuel his gains:



Gerard Butler is an incredible actor who has performed both on the big screen and television.

He is best known for his role as King Leonidas of Sparta in ‘300’ where he was in his best shape, he trained every day for four months in the most intense workout regimen of his life, giving him an incredible physique in time for the shoot. 

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What do you think about Gerard Butler’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below. 

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