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Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine



Kaley Cuoco's Workout Routine & Diet

What does Kaley Cuoco’s workout routine look like? 

Kaley Cuoco is an American actress and producer who landed her breakthrough role on the ABC sitcom ‘8 Simple Rules’. Cuoco later starred as Penny on the CBS sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and received Satellite, Critics’ Choice, and People’s Choice awards for the role.

Cuoco is known for her great body and she has worked hard to get the body that she has today. 

Within this article, we’ll discuss Kaley Cuoco’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


Current Stats 

Height: 168 cm – 5’5″

Weight: 58 kg – 127 pounds 

Age: 34 years old 

Birthday: 30th of November, 1985 

Accolades: Glamour Award for Comedy Actress, Winner, 2015 


Workout Principles

Kaley Cuoco is a health warrior and her life is filled with yoga, weights, and nutritious food which keeps her balanced in her private life. 

Cuoco means that we should focus on workout that makes us happy such as activities, sports, and yoga. If you don’t like to run outdoors you could change it to another workout routine. 


Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Routine

Kaley Cuoco loves yoga and she has mentioned that she performs yoga around 5 days a week. When she’s not performing yoga she likes to focus on body weight and an abs routine. 

Even after recovering from shoulder surgery last summer, she was back at the gym doing one-arm exercises. 

Here is Kaley Cuoco’s workout routine: 


Kaley Cuoco Bodyweight and Ab Workout: 3 Times a Week

Kaley Cuoco performs this bodyweight and ab workout routine 3 times a week and she does a total of different exercises. 

Here is Kaley Cuoco’s bodyweight and abs routine: 


1. Stretch


1. Close Grip Push Ups (3 sets, 10 reps) 

2. Plank (3 sets, 30 seconds)

3. Mountain Climbers (3 sets, 20 seconds) 

4. Jump Squats (3 sets, 15 reps)

5. V-Ups (5 sets, 20 reps) 

6. Plank to Push-Ups (5 sets, 15 reps)

7. Jumping Lunges (5 sets, 10 reps)

8. Burpees (5 sets, 5 reps) 

9. Plank (1 set, 60 seconds) 

10. Air Squats (1 set, 50 reps)

11. Mountain Climbers (1 set, 40 reps) 

12. Bodyweight Rows (1 set, 30 reps) 

13. Knee Ups (1 set, 20 reps) 

14. Burpees (1 set, 10 reps) 


Kaley Cuoco Workout: Yoga and SoulCycle

Kaley Cuoco loves yoga and she hits a yoga and SoulCycle when she’s not performing her bodyweight and abs routine. Cuoco likes do to yoga around 4-5 days a week. 


Kaley Cuoco’s Diet 

Kaley Cuoco has stated that she does not eat meat, though she does eat fish.

A diet rich in fish protein can help you shed a few pounds and it also stimulates your intellectual development, memory and learning skills.

She tries to stock her kitchen with healthy foods. She also means that a cheat meal is necessary for her if she works out. 

Here is Kaley Cuoco’s diet: 


1. Breakfast

  • Oatmeal
  • Juice
  • Fruits
  • Peanut butter 


2. Lunch 

  • Fish
  • Potatoes
  • Green salad 


3. Dinner 

  • Tofu
  • Lentils
  • Salad
  • Beans 



Kaley Cuoco uses the following supplements to help fuel her gains: 



Kaley Cuoco has always been active when it comes to working out and she used to play tennis as well.

Today, Cuoco admits that she pays more and more attention to eating healthy and organic food. She avoids eating meed and only eats fish which makes her a pescatarian. 

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What do you think about Kaley Cuoco’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below. 

Dan Western is the owner of Jacked Gorilla. Dan has 8+ years of experience in the fitness industry and has been researching supplement usage for the same period of time. Over the years, he's logged thousands of hours of research, tried and tested hundreds of different supplements, and also experimented with his own formulas. Right now he's working on launching his own supplement company. Follow Jacked Gorilla on Instagram: @jackedgorillanews

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