Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham is known for his awesome acting skills, but he’s also known for his amazingly toned body! It’s easy to see his muscular frame no matter what he’s wearing, but his body didn’t get that way overnight. He worked hard to achieve this figure and actually used to be a little bit chubby. When he realized that his diet and workout routine needed to be stepped up, he took control of his life and transformed his body. If you’re interested in looking just like him, then it’s important to know what his principles are with both diet and exercise. Once you know these you’ll be able to get started on your own body transformation journey!

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Jason’s Workout

Jason has always been an active man, especially since he did a lot of fight scenes in the movies he worked on. When he started to change his fitness plan, he ramped things up. Instead of doing one workout over and over, he decided to do a variety of different workouts that were high intensity and always changing. Although he did focus on lifting, he also enjoyed working out through swimming, jumping and punching. One of the most important principles he focused on was changing his attitude so that he looked forward to working out. He got psyched out before he hit the gym and always gave it his all, no matter which workouts he was doing.

Jason also focuses on working out no matter where he is, so the gym isn’t always a necessity. He’ll fit in workouts no matter where he is through just punching the air or doing pushups and using the jump rope. His hunger for a better body is what really changed it for the better and gave him the physique most people know today.


Basic Diet Principles

While Jason used to eat anything and everything he wanted to in the past, it’s no longer this way. He now counts the 2,000 calories per day that he eats and makes sure that those calories come from nutritional food. For example, he never eats refined sugar and stays away from flour all together. So, instead of pie for dessert, he eats yogurt with fruit. Jason doesn’t even allow himself a “cheat day” like many other people do, as he knows the ingredients in junk foods are bad for him and his overall fitness. He focuses on finding alternatives for junk foods that are healthy and nutritious.

He also believes in tracking all of his calories on paper so that he can stay aware of what he’s eating. This includes water, which he drinks gallons of per day. Another important principle for Jason’s diet is to spread his calories out throughout the day. Generally he’ll have six small meals spread out from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. The foods in the meals will depend on how much he’s been working out, but they are generally balanced between complex carbohydrates and protein. Although it’s hard work, Jason now enjoys this diet and finds he’s always full with his calorie allotment.