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Randy Orton Workout Routine



Randy Orton's Workout Routine & Diet

Randy Orton is a hugely well-known WWE champion wrestler from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Orton was by far the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. Apart from his wrestling career, Orton is very famous for his well-sculpted and well-built physique.

Within this article, we’ll discuss Randy Orton’s workout routine and diet plan. We will also show you the different supplements that he takes for his training.


Current Stats

Height: 1.96 m (6’ 5”)

Weight: 113 kg (250 lbs)

Age: 38 years old

Birthday: 1st of April

Owner: WWE, Smackdown

Birthplace: Knoxville, Tennessee

Accolades: World Heavyweight Champion (WWE)


Workout Principles

Within Randy’s routines, he normally mixes up his exercises. He’s concentrating on each of his body parts with three different exercises. Orton has a somewhat low-volume approach when it comes to strength training.

As for the sets and reps, he likes to do 3-5 sets for each exercise and the first thing is the warm-up and after that the final.

Randy has some tips for those people who want to start working out:

1. Do not eat packaged or pre-prepared food that has low nutritional value
2. Your diet should be rich in protein, but with low carb content
3. The workout program should be customizable, which will help in preventing muscle flattening


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Randy Orton’s Workout Routine

Randy Orton loves to work out in the gym and he spends around two hours a day and 5 days a week in the gym to stay perfect. Orton keeps changing his exercises every 3 weeks so the muscles don’t get flattened.

Here is Randy Orton’s workout routine:


Monday: Shoulders

Within this routine, Randy performs 5 exercises, but for a total 3 sets and 15 reps.

Here is Randy Orton’s shoulders routine: 

1. 3 sets of front laterals of 15 reps

2. 3 sets of rear laterals of 15 reps

3. 3 sets of side laterals of 15 reps

4. 3 sets of Arnold presses of 8-15 reps

5. 3 sets of upright rows of 8-15 reps


Tuesday: Chest

On Tuesday, Randy targets his chest. There are 5 different exercises within Randy’s chest routine.

Here is Randy Orton’s chest routine: 

1. 100 push ups

2. 3 sets of incline barbell bench presses of 20 reps

3. 4 sets of DB bench presses of 5-6 reps

4. 4 sets of flat bench presses of 10-12 reps

5. 3 sets of cable crossovers of 12-15 reps


Wednesday: Triceps and Biceps

On Wednesday, Randy performs a triceps and biceps routine, focusing major 8 exercises. Every set is around 15 reps.

Here is Randy Orton’s triceps and biceps routine: 

1. 3 sets of pushdowns of 20 reps

2. 3 sets of close grip pushdowns of 20 reps

3. 3 sets of French curls of 12 reps

4. 3 sets of overhead triceps extensions of 15 reps

5. 3 sets of alternating DB curls of 8-10 reps

6. 3 sets of alternating DB hammer curls of 5 reps

7. 3 sets of cable curls of 8 reps

8. 3 sets of barbell curls of 88 reps


Thursday: Back

On Thursday, Randy hits his back routine for 6 exercises. Each exercise is performed for 3 sets and 12-20 reps.

Here is Randy Orton’s back routine: 

1. 3 sets of pulldowns of 20 reps

2. 1 set of pull-ups until failure

3. 3 sets of lower back extensions of 15 reps

4. 3 sets of seated cable rows of 12 reps

5. 3 sets of T-Bar rows of 12 reps

6. 3 sets of bent over rows of 20 reps


Friday: Legs

On Friday, Randy hits a legs workout routine by doing 5 different exercises with 10-15 reps.

Here is Randy Orton’s legs routine: 

1. 4 sets of thigh extensions of 15-20 reps

2. 100 free squats

3. 4 sets of straight leg deadlifts of 10 reps

4. 10 sets of calf raises of 10-15 reps

5. 10 sets of lunges of 10-15 reps


Saturday and Sunday: Rest 

Both Saturday and Sunday are used for rest. Every bodybuilder need its recover to see any results of their training. Rest is a day for the body to recover and get ready for the next gym session.


Randy Orton’s Diet

Randy believes that just following a workout is not sufficient. His diet plays a great role in keeping him agile and fit. He follows a high protein and low carbohydrates diet.

Randy maintains 250g of protein each day and takes protein bars and shakes to complete his protein intake. He loves sushi and takes sushi at least three times a week.

Randy believes that just following a workout is not sufficient; his diet plays a great role in keeping him agile and fit for all his matches. Randy follows a high in protein and low in carbohydrates diet.


Here is Randy Orton’s diet:

Meal 1:

6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 100g oatmeal with raisins, applesauce, protein bar/shake

Meal 2:

100g brown rice, 2 chicken breast, vegetables

Meal 3:

Tuna fish, pita bread, BAA, Protein shake

Meal 4:

Whey Protein, Banana

Meal 5: 

Brown Rice/Pasta, salad

Meal 6:

Grilled Chicken/Fish, Cottage Cheese



  • Protein Shakes
  • BAA
  • Glut-Amine Aid
  • Dextrose
  • Nitro Shred



Randy Orton was by far the youngest person to ever win WWE.

His well-sculpted and well-built technique and physique is making him one of the best WWE wrestlers in the world alongside John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and Ric Flair. He has influenced many by his lifestyle and fitness regime.

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What do you think about Randy Orton’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below.

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