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Gerardo Gabriel Workout Routine

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Gerardo Gabriel Workout Routine

What does Gerardo Gabriel’s workout routine look like?

Gerardo Gabriel is best known as a fitness model, NPC Champion, and US Marine. Gabriel started his fitness journey after he had a tough breakup. He began weight training as a way to channel his energy and focus.

Since then, Gabriel has gone from strength to strength in becoming a successful fitness model and an inspiration to people worldwide. 

Gabriel played football when he was younger, and he also traveled to numerous states in the Mexican republic thanks to his extraordinary football abilities.

In 2009, he started weight training when he was in the United States Marine Corps. Due to a bad break up he used training to build up his confidence and focus. 

Within this article, we’ll discuss Gerardo Gabriel’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


Current Stats

  • Height: 170 cm – 5’7″ 
  • Weight: 79.4 kg – 83.9 kg – 175 – 185 pounds 
  • Age: 30 years old 
  • Birthday: 27th of July, 1990 
  • Accolades: Musclemania Men’s Physique Champion, Winner, 2014


Workout Principles

Gerardo Gabriel started to go to the gym after a rough breakup.

Gabriel began using the gym as an outlet for all his anger. After the end of the first month, he had gained 7 pounds. He was hooked after he saw the results, and if he had to pick his three favorite exercises, it would be incline bench press squats and shoulder press.

Incline bench press helps to develop a more muscular chest. Squats help to build overall strength, and shoulder press helps to get great and strong shoulders.


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Gerardo Gabriel’s Workout Routine 

Gerardo Gabriel likes to use basketball as his main form of cardio. Gabriel also likes to use the treadmill to get his heart rate at 125 -135 for about 15-10 minutes.

After many years of training, he has built a conditioned body that is well conditioned to withstand large amounts of sets and reps.

He says that his motivation comes from wanting to get bigger and stronger than he was yesterday. His workout routine involves a 6 day a week program. He normally uses the 10 to 15 rep range, and he tries to focus on exhausting the muscle on the 12th rep. 

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s workout routine: 


Monday: Chest and Triceps

On Monday, Gerardo Gabriel performs a chest and tricep routine by doing 7 different exercises with an average of 5 sets. 

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s chest and tricep routine: 

1. Flat Bench (3 sets, 10 reps)

2. Cable Fly’s (5 sets, 15 reps)

3. Incline Dumbbell Press (3  sets, 12 reps)

4. Dumbbell Fly’s (5 sets, 12 reps)

5. Tricep Pushdowns (5 sets, 12 reps)

6. Skull Crushers (5 sets, 12 reps)

7. Tricep Dips (3 sets, 12 reps) 


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Tuesday: Back and Biceps

On Tuesday, Gabriel performs a back and biceps routine with a total of 9 exercises.

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s back and biceps routine: 

1. Pull-Ups (5 sets, 20 reps)

2. T­Bar Rows (3 sets, 8 reps)

3. Lat Pull Down (6 sets, 15 reps)

4. Bent Over Rows (3 sets, 10 reps)

5. Deadlifts (4 sets, 20 reps)

6. Hammer Curls (3 sets, 12 reps)

7. Barbell Curls (3 sets, 12 reps)

8. Cable Bar Curls (3 sets, 12 reps) 

9. EZ Bar Curls (3 sets, 12 reps) 


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Wednesday: Shoulders and Abs

On Wednesday, Gabriel performs a shoulders and abs routine by doing 8 different exercises.

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s shoulders and abs routine: 

1. Lateral Raise Dumbbell (5 sets, 25 reps)

2. Seated Dumbbell Press (4 sets, 12 reps) 

3. Standing Barbell Press (3 sets, 20 reps)

4. Bent Over Rear Delt Raises (3 sets, 25 reps)

5. Front Dumbbell Raises (2 sets, 25 reps) 

6. Hanging Leg Raises with Twists (7 sets, 8-10 reps)

7. Crunches (5 sets, 20 reps)

8. Weighted Cable Sit-Ups (3 sets, 20 reps) 


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Thursday: Legs and Calves

On Thursday, Gerardo Gabriel performs a legs and calves routine by doing 8 different exercises with an average of 3 sets. 

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s legs and calves routine: 

1. Leg Extensions (5 sets, 25 reps)

2. Squats (6 sets, 15 reps)

3. Leg Press (4 sets, 8 reps)

4. Barbell Lunges (2 sets, 25 Meters)

5. Seated Leg Curls (3 sets, 15 reps)

6. Calf Raises Seated (3 sets, 25 reps) 

7. Calf Raises Standing (3 sets, 15 reps)

8. Smith Machine Calves (2 sets, 25 reps) 


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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Rest Day

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Gerardo Gabriel rests. 


Gerardo Gabriel Diet

Gerardo Gabriel likes to make things simple, and his protein intake is around 2g per pound of muscle mass.

His primary protein sources are chicken, while he also likes to consume rice and sweet potatoes. He likes to keep things simple because it’s easier to prep, and he claimed that he has a speedy metabolism. He usually has a fairly relaxed diet where he will allow 1 – 2 cheat meals.

Here is Gerardo Gabriel’s diet: 


1. Breakfast

  • Eggs 
  • Oatmeal 


2. Snack 


3. Lunch 

  • Cheese Burger 


4. Dinner 

  • Chicken Breast 
  • Spinach  
  • White Rice 


5. Snack 

  • Protein Bar 



Gerardo Gabriel’s uses the following supplements to help fuel his gains: 



Gerardo Gabriel has a flawless body, and he has won numerous competitions in the fitness industry.

He has managed to attract bodybuilding fans worldwide with his perfectly aesthetic and shredded physique. In a short period, he won many accolades in the bodybuilding industry.

Using bodybuilding to escape and channel his energy into something positive, he achieved celebrity status in the fitness world.

If we can learn anything from Gerardo, it’s not to let life’s challenges get us down. 

What do you think about Gerardo Gabriel’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below. 

Emmy Wallin is a writer for Jacked Gorilla. She is a young Swedish girl from Uppsala, who is currently traveling around the world. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Emmy has been studying celebrities careers, lifestyles, and workout routines for over 3 years. She is the face behind the workout routine articles here on Jacked Gorilla. Follow Jacked Gorilla on Instagram: @jackedgorillanews

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