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The 10 Best Power Racks to Buy




The Best Power Racks to Buy

Power racks are an absolute must if you’re building a home gym. 

Why? Well, you can perform various exercises with them, and soup them up with attachments to hit even more muscle groups. 

However, power racks should be stable, durable, and versatile if they’re to be the centerpiece of your home gym, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best for you to choose from. 

So, without further ado, here are the best power racks to buy. 


“Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.”


The 10 Best Power Racks to Buy

The list of power racks and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various sources around the web.

These are the best power racks to buy:


10. PAPABABE Power Cage

papababe Power Cage with LAT Pulldown 1200-Pound Capacity High Capacity Power Rack Home Gym Equipment
  • 1200 lbs of real weight capacity with 2" x 2" tubular...
  • Dimension: 47 L x 54W x 88 H inches.(Takes up 48” x...
  • Included Olympic lat pulldown and low row cable...

The PAPABABE Power Cage uses a 2″ x 2″ heavy-duty tubular steel frame and is capable of supporting up to 1,200lbs.

It comes with two double-thick safety bars to allow you to perform your exercises safely on your own. 

The cage’s dimensions are approximately 47″ L x 54″ W x 88″ H, and it has a total cage weight of 163lbs.

It also comes with a lat pull-down attachment that supports up to 400lbs and has 26 adjustable levels to optimize the perfect height for your workout. 

By using this power rack, you’ll be able to perform around 25 different exercises, such as squats, shrugs, rows, chin-ups, and military press. 


9. GRIND Fitness Power Rack

GRIND Fitness Chaos 4000 Power Rack (Chaos4000)
  • BEEFIEST SQUAT RACK - We decided to pull out all the...
  • SAFETY SPOTTER ARMS INCLUDED - Every Chaos4000 comes...
  • HEAVY-DUTY WEIGHT PEGS- You need somewhere to hold your...

If you’re in the market for a power rack that can handle just about anything you can throw at it, then you’re on the right track with this bad boy. 

The power rack from GRIND Fitness supports up to 1,500lbs, weighs around 182lbs, is made from 14 gauge steel, and has the following dimensions: 51″ W x 53″ D x 85 “H.

You can choose from 18 numbered upright holes to place the included safety spotter arms in, and the power rack is also capable of being bolted to the ground, thanks to some pre-drilled holes.

Use the six plate posts, three on either side, to store your plates and the vertical barbell holder to keep your barbell. 

Squats, rows, and shrugs are just a few of the exercises you’ll be able to perform using this power rack, and the multi-grip pull-up bar allows you to switch things up even more. 


8. Lifeline Power Rack

Lifeline C1 Pro Half Rack – 1,000lb Rated, 2”x3” 11-Gauge Heavy Grade Steel, Numbered Uprights, Multi-Grip Pullup, Plate Storage Posts, Bar Holders, Reinforced Spotter Arms and J-Hooks
  • The Lifeline C1 Half Rack is perfect for Olympic Weight...
  • Build your Home Gym: It is perfect for low ceiling and...
  • Includes Fat Grip Pull Up Bar; Adjustable width Neutral...

Lifeline’s power rack is built using heavy-duty 2″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel, weighs approximately 164lbs, and includes a floor mount base for added support and stability. 

Its dimensions are 49.5″ x 49″ x 83.5″ and it’s capable of supporting over 1,000lbs.

The rack includes an adjustable pull-up bar, with neutral and wide grips, and 28 numbered upright positions for maximum versatility. 

You’ll get two 16″ reinforced spotter arms, two J-Hooks with durable lining to protect your bars, six Olympic plate storage posts to rack your weights, and two vertical Olympic barbell sleeves to keep your barbells nice and tidy. 

The power rack is sturdy enough on its own to not have to worry about it moving around during a set; however, if you want to reassure yourself, even more, you can use its pre-drilled flanges to secure it to the floor. 

If red and black is your thing, fill your boots! 


7. Body Champ Power Rack

Body Champ Power Rack System Adjustable Squat Rack Weight and Bar Holder for Home Fitness Equipment with Built in Floor Anchors Stability
  • SECURE STORAGE: You can conveniently store plates,...
  • BOOST OTHER EQUIPMENT: Pair this multi-use rack with a...
  • PULL-UP CAPABILITIES: Our power frame can hold up to...

This power rack from Body Champ is a simple but secure rack that weighs in around 63.5lbs. 

You’ll get two Olympic plate weight holders, two easy-adjust tiered peg-hook catches, and twelve adjustable position settings.

Its dimensions are 42″ x 82″ x 62,” and it can easily be secured to the floor using four pre-drilled floor-anchor holes. 

It’s able to support up to 300lbs of body weight and is ideal for squats, leg raises, pull-ups, chin-ups, and rows.

However, if you pair this power rack with a bench, then you’ll be able to perform a variety of other exercises to burn body fat and build lean muscle, like the bench press and seated shoulder press. 


6. Merax Power Rack 

Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack Olympic Squat Cage Home Gym with LAT Pull Attachment (Silver Power Rack)
  • 🏋️‍ 2"x 2" sturdy steel gauge and 4 solid steel...
  • 🏋️‍ Built in pull up bar, safety spotter, lat...
  • 🏋️‍ 21 variable positions for bar supports...

The Merax power rack is made from 2″ x 2″ heavy-duty steel and has been designed to offer maximum versatility for complete home workouts. 

It supports up to 800lbs and has the following dimensions: 50″ x 15″ x 7″. 

Using this power rack, you’ll be able to perform compound exercises like squats, as well as isolation movements like chin-ups, pull-ups, and bent over rows. 

By adding a bench to the mix, you’ll be able to incorporate the bench press, seated shoulder press, and many other useful exercises for building lean muscle. 

The built-in lat pull-down provides additional cable-based exercise options, which can also be varied thanks to its low row attachment, and you’ll be able to perform over 24 exercises in total by using this rack. 


5. Marcy Multi-Purpose Power Cage

Marcy Olympic Multi-Purpose Strength Training Cage with Pull Up Bars/Adjustable Bar Catchers and Pulley SM-3551
  • ADJUSTABLE STYLE BAR CATCHES – This strength cage is...
  • HIGH AND LOW PULLEYS – The high and low pulleys offer...
  • WEIGHT PLATE STORAGE – The Olympic Strength Cage...

The fifth-best power rack to buy is the Multi-Purpose Power Cage by Marcy. 

It’s built using heavy-duty commercial-grade solid steel and can support a maximum user capacity of 300lbs. 

Its dimensions are: 46″ x 57″ x 60″ with a total cage weight of 169.8lbs. 

You’ll be able to perform many isolation and compound exercises using this multi-purpose power cage.

For example, you can use its pulley system to bust out some tricep pull-downs, or bicep curls, and its multi-grip pull-up bar to smash out some chin-ups or muscle-ups. 

They were just a few of the exercises you’ll be able to perform using this power rack, but there are plenty more if you’re looking to do a full-body workout. 


4. Fitness Reality Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage | Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-down | Power Cage Only
  • This item benefits from an Extended 90 Day Return...
  • Your purchase includes One Fitness Reality Super Max...
  • Cage dimensions – 50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5” H |...

Fitness Reality’s Power Cage is built from heavy-duty 2″ x 2″ tubular steel and has been designed to support up to 800lbs. 

Some of its key features include the inclusion of two sets of safety bars, a multi-grip pull-up bar, 19 adjustable height options, and two rear stability bars. 

You’ll be able to perform around 20 different exercises using this power rack, including squats, shrugs, push-ups, and curls.

But, by adding a bench or some optional cage attachments, you can also incorporate exercises like the bench press, dips, and seated shoulder press. 

The Fitness Reality power rack weighs approximately 133.5lbs and has the following dimensions: 50.5″ L x 46.5″ W x 83.5″ H.


3. WF Athletic Supply Power Cage

WF Athletic Supply Deluxe Power Cage with High Weight Capacity, J Hooks & Safety Spotter Arms, Olympic Weight Plate Storage and Bar Storage
  • 💪 The WF Athletic Supply Deluxe Power Cage is...
  • 💪 Heavy-Duty Construction – Steel Construction...
  • 💪 FEATURES – TWO plate posts, THREE band posts on...

Constructed from heavy-duty 12-14 gauge steel, the WF Athletic Supply Power Cage is built to last. 

It can hold a maximum weight of 600lbs, with a 300lb user capacity on the pull-up bar, and comes in at 47″ L x 61″ W x 85″ H. 

You’ll be able to use this power rack to perform squats, push-ups, curls, and many more exercises if you include a bench in your set up. 

The rack comes with two plate posts to store your weights, three-band posts on each side to add some extra resistance, two j-cup bar catches, two safety catches, and numbered holes, so it’s easy to adjust the height of the catches. 

WF Athletic Supply’s Power Cage is coated in a 3-step powder coat finish and has capped framed ends to prevent oxidation. 

It’s versatile, robust and excellent value for money, in our opinion. 


2. Vanswe Power Rack

Vanswe Multi-Function Barbell Rack 550LBS Capacity Dip Stand Home Gym Fitness Adjustable Squat Rack Weight Lifting Bench Press Dipping Station (Black/Red)
  • 💪SUPER SOLID: Constructed with 2" x 2" sturdy and...
  • 💪HEIGHT AND WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Bracket height range...
  • 💪VERSATILE FITNESS FUNCTION: A highly versatile...

The Vanswe power rack is a multi-function adjustable rack that’s suited for exercises like squats, rows, and curls. 

The power rack is made from 2″ x 2″ durable steel, can support up to 480lbs, and has an approximate size of 46″ L x 26.8″ W x (43-62)”.

Its height and width are adjustable, and it features a three-position adjustable bar catch for resting the barbell on while performing the bench press. 

You can keep your plates tidy by using the 8-inch storage pegs on the front of each stand, and quickly adjust the brackets to perform a mixture of exercises. 

The rack also comes with high-quality rubber end caps that stop it from scratching your floor.

It might not be the most significant power rack on the list, but it does the job for basic movements. 


1. HulkFit Power Rack

HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage with J-Hooks and Dip Bars, Power Cage Only, Yellow
  • Constructed with 11 gauge steel, this power cage has a...
  • Power Cage also includes two steel safety bars with...
  • Free standing unit with a large walk-in space and...

This power rack from HulkFit is made from 2.5″ x 2.5″ 11 gauge steel and can support up to 1,000lbs. 

It includes two steel safety bars with J-Hooks, two dip bars, some additional J-Hooks, and rubber feet for added stability. 

You can use the multi-grip foam covered pull-up bars to perform exercises like chin-ups, and it can be customized to include a lat pull-down and cable crossover if required. 

You’ll find multiple holes in the power cage that are used to customize the height of the safety bars, and some additional dip bars to build your upper body strength.

Its dimensions are: 47″ L x 44″ W x 81″ H and weighs approximately 165lbs. 

If black and yellow gets you going, then this power racks got your name all over it. 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best power racks to buy.

They say, once you go power rack, you never go back. 

We stand testament to that, having used power racks for over a decade.

The difference they make to your workout and safety is second to none. A total must in our book!

Here’s a quick recap of the best power racks to buy:

  1. HulkFit Power Rack
  2. Vanswe Power Rack
  3. WF Athletic Supply Power Cage
  4. Fitness Reality Power Cage
  5. Mary Multi-Purpose Power Cage
  6. Merax Power Rack
  7. Body Champ Power Rack
  8. Lifeline Power Rack
  9. GRIND Fitness Power Rack
  10. PAPABABE Power Cage

What’s your favorite power rack? Leave a comment below.

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