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Tenoch Huerta Workout Routine

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Tenoch Huerta's Workout Routine and Diet

What does Tenoch Huerta’s workout routine look like?

Tenoch Huerta is a Mexican actor, writer, and producer, appearing in many films in Latin America and Spain. He’s most known for his role in the Netflix TV series Narcos, where he plays Rafael Caro Quintero.

He’s been featured in many feature films and short films in Mexico and is gaining popularity and interest as he reportedly joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the newest installment in the Black Panther series, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Huerta is in great shape and is likely to train harder than ever for his newest role. We combed the internet for Tenoch Huerta’s workout routine and diet, and this post is a compilation of everything we’ve found about the actor.

It’s not his exact workout routine but contains information from interviews he’s done and feedback from experts in the fitness industry.


Current Stats 

  • Height:‎ 5’8″
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Birthday: January 29, 1981
  • Accolades: Winner of Best Actor at the Short Short Film Festival in Mexico City for his role in Alonso Ruizpalacios’ Café Paraíso, winner of Best Actor at the Ariel Awards for his role in Días de Gracia, Mexican Academy Award for Da De Gracia


Workout Principles

As a veteran in the film industry, Tenoch Huerta is committed to a consistent fitness routine that he maintains whether he’s at home in Mexico or traveling the world.

Sticking to a fitness routine is what many people struggle with, but Tenoch has made working out part of his daily routine, so it’s a habit instead of something he remembers to do occasionally.


Tenoch Huerta’s Workout Routine

When he’s not traveling for a role, Tenoch Huerta works out 5-6 times a week. Travel makes his workout routine more complicated, but he finds a way to fit in some cardio or strength training, regardless of where he is in the world.

Here is the Tenoch Huerta workout routine:


Monday – Cardio

Tenoch Huerta starts the week with a 5-mile run outdoors, whether he’s at home in Mexico or traveling abroad for work. Cardio helps Tenoch maintain his body weight while burning fat and improving his stamina for many of his roles.


Tuesday – Core

Tenoch’s best physical feature might be his killer abs, which he trains several days a week to keep looking cut. Here’s a core workout he likely does:

  1. Ab wheel rollout (3 sets, 20 reps)
  2. Medicine ball Russian twist (3 sets, 20 reps)
  3. Flutter kick (3 sets, 25 reps)
  4. Cable woodchop (3 sets, 20 reps)
  5. Mountain climber (3 sets, 30 reps)
  6. Plank jack (3 sets, 20 reps)
  7. Hanging leg raise (3 sets, 20 reps)
  8. Reverse crunch (3 sets, 20 reps)
  9. Deadbug (3 sets, 20 reps)
  10. Side plank (3 sets, hold for 20 seconds per side)
  11. Straight-leg sit up (3 sets, 20 reps)
  12. V-up (3 sets, 20 reps)
  13. Boat pose and hold (3 sets, hold for 20 seconds)


Wednesday – Legs

Wednesday is leg day for Tenoch Huerta; this is a heavy leg day program that focuses on burning out the glutes and hamstrings:

  1. Barbell squat (5 sets, 8 reps)
  2. Deadlift (5 sets, 8 reps)
  3. Leg extension (5 sets, 10 reps)
  4. Single leg press (5 sets, 10 reps)
  5. Leg curl (5 sets, 10 reps)
  6. Dumbbell lunge (5 sets, 10 reps)
  7. Goblet squat (5 sets, 10 reps)


Thursday – Back & shoulders

Tenoch trains his back and shoulders through a series of compound movements that train multiple muscle groups at once, maximizing his efforts and time spent in the gym.

  1. Barbell row (3 sets, 10 reps)
  2. Plank (3 sets, hold for 1 minute)
  3. Push up (3 sets, 10 reps)
  4. Pull-up (3 sets, rep til failure)
  5. Lat pulldown (3 sets, 10 reps)
  6. Kettlebell swing (3 sets, 25 reps)
  7. Dumbbell shrug (3 sets, 10 reps)
  8. Reverse fly (3 sets, 10 reps)
  9. Lateral raise (3 sets, 10 reps)


Friday – Run or Hike Outdoors

Tenoch Huerta takes a break from lifting weights on Friday to enjoy a hike outdoors or going for a run. He loves traveling and exploring new places and makes sure to interact with different cultures and people when he’s on a trip.


Saturday – Chest

Last but not least, Tenoch Huerta trains his chest on Saturday. Add this heavy chest workout to your weekly routine and build sculpted pecs in no time:

  1. Incline dumbbell press (4 sets, 8 reps)
  2. Dumbbell pullover (4 sets, 8 reps)
  3. Incline bench press (4 sets, 8 reps)
  4. Chest fly (4 sets, 8 reps)
  5. Chest dip (4 sets, 8 reps)
  6. Cable crossover (4 sets, 8 reps)
  7. Decline push-up (4 sets, 8 reps)
  8. Decline dumbbell press (4 sets, 8 reps)


Sunday – Rest

Tenoch Huerta rests on Sunday; he may do some stretching or foam rolling, but otherwise, he takes it easy and lets his body recover.


Tenoch Huerta’s Diet 

To maintain his lean and sculpted stature, Tenoch Huerta eats very clean and rarely has a cheat meal.

He focuses on lean protein, like fish, turkey, and chicken, complex carbs, and lots of veggies with every meal.

Tenoch eats three meals a day and snacks occasionally on healthy foods like almonds, fruit, and fatty fruits like avocado.

Here is Tenoch Huerta’s diet:  


1. Breakfast 

  • Black coffee
  • Oatmeal with berries
  • Fresh fruit


2. Lunch 

  • Salmon or lean, ground turkey
  • Brown rice
  • Seasoned vegetables


3. Dinner 

  • Grilled steak
  • Corn on the cob
  • Baked potato
  • Green salad



To maintain his jacked physique, Tenoch Huerta likely takes a few supplements and vitamins to support his workouts, focus, and energy.

Here are a few Tenoch might take to boost his workouts and give his immune system a boost:



Whether he’s playing a villain in the Marvel universe or a marijuana farmer in Narcos, Tenoch Huerta has the acting chops to do it all.

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of the talented actor as he makes a name for himself in the upcoming Blank Panther sequel. His career is about to take off, and we’re excited to see what he does next.

What do you think about Tenoch Huerta’s workout routine and diet? Leave a comment below. 

Hanna has been a fitness fanatic for most of her life. She grew up on the soccer field and volleyball court and credits those sports with her determination, passion for fitness, and leadership off the field. She is currently studying to become a personal trainer and hopes to begin coaching in 2022.

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