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The 10 Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives



Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternatives

What are the best DMAA pre-workout alternatives?

DMAA stands for 1,3-dimethylamylamine, a popular pre-workout supplement that’s incredibly potent, so much so that it was banned by the FDA.

Even though DMAA supplements are not sold legally in the U.S., some excellent alternatives deliver the same fitness intensity without harmful side effects.

We did a lot of careful research to find promising DMAA pre-workout alternatives that will power your strength training without a big crash afterward.

Let’s take a look at the best DMAA pre-workout alternatives available today.


The Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives Compared

Our supplement lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best DMAA pre-workout alternatives:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternative Overall
Huge Nutrition Wrecked Extreme (20 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
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10. JNX Sports – The Curse!

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative For Fast Strength Gains
JNX Sports The Curse! (50 Servings)
$28.49 ($3.24 / Ounce)
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 02:39 pm GMT

N.X. Sports – The Curse is the top choice for fast strength gains with a safer alternative to DMAA pre-workout supplements.

There are 50 servings per container, and each scoop has 3,000mg of an energizing muscle fuel blend, plus 900mg of the amplifier blend and 157mg of the mind control matrix.

Beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, citric acid, L-citrulline, and L-arginine are all included in this high stimulant powder that’s gluten and sugar-free.

It also contains caffeine anhydrous, olive leaf extract, malic acid, and potassium for a well-rounded pre-workout supplement.

You have your pick of satisfying flavors like fruit punch, blue raspberry, dark grape, and green apple. 


  • Supports fast strength gains.
  • 3,000mg of muscle fuel blend.
  • Extreme mental focus and energy levels.
  • Good amounts of caffeine and beta-alanine.
  • Great value – 50 servings per container.
  • Variety of flavor options.


  • Uses sucralose and artificial flavors.


9. Bucked Up – Woke

Best High Stimulant DMAA Pre Workout Alternative
Bucked Up Woke (30 Servings)
$54.77 ($4.44 / Ounce)

Check Price on Amazon
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03/06/2024 06:20 pm GMT

Bucked Up – Woke is the best high stimulant DMAA pre-workout alternative with 333mg of caffeine, which is about the same as four cups of coffee.

It’s designed to boost energy for maximum output with additional stimulants like 300mg of theobromine and 3,200mg of beta-alanine.

Also, this supplement is a fantastic source of vitamin B12 with 100mcg per serving to help with cell metabolism and nerve function.

Bucked Up says its Woke supplements jumpstart the brain, increase motivation, and support healthy stamina and endurance so you can keep working hard in the gym.

The delicious blue raspberry flavor has no sugar or stevia, and it’s keto-friendly too.


  • High stimulant with 333mg of caffeine.
  • Supports brain and muscle function.
  • 3,200mg of beta-alanine.
  • 300mg of theobromine.
  • Rich in vitamin B12.
  • GMP manufacturing processes.


  • Contains artificial flavors.


8. Insane Labz – Psychotic

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative Blend
Insane Labz Psychotic (35 Servings)
$44.99 ($6.25 / Ounce)
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 10:54 am GMT

If you’re looking for a prop blend alternative to DMAA pre-workouts, Insane Labz – Psychotic Gold is a powerful stimulant that delivers extreme lasting energy.

The 4,234mg of Psychotic Gold blend contains scientifically proven ingredients like beta-alanine, L-citrulline, agmatine sulfate, and caffeine anhydrous.

There are also ample amounts of DMAE bitartrate, caffeine citrate, AMPiberry, oxygold, and rauwolfia vomitoria extract to create an exciting, highly stimulating powder supplement.

It’s low carb, gluten-free, and comes in a delicious gummy candy flavor, so it’s easy to drink.

Plus, the company is committed to product quality and includes silica desiccant to prevent clumping and absorb moisture for the freshest pre-workout powder.


  • Clean focused formula.
  • 4,234mg of Psychotic Gold blend.
  • Great for focus, energy, and pumps.
  • Popular gummy candy flavor.
  • Low carb and gluten-free.
  • Made in U.S. GMP facility.


  • Prop blend dosing isn’t clear.


7. Pro Supps – Mr. Hyde Xtreme

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative For Bigger Pumps
Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Xtreme (30 Servings)
$31.99 ($4.32 / Ounce)
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 07:44 am GMT

Bigger pumps await with Pro Supps – Mr. Hyde Xtreme, thanks to a 400mg caffeine matrix for sustained pumps and increased power output.

The brand says its pre-workout offers double the energy with a unique formula including creatine HCL and nitrosigine.

The 4.5g strength matrix and 653mg intensity matrix increase your power output to maximize muscle definition and bring you closer to your goals.

This gluten-free powder is made in a GMP facility, and third-party tested to ensure it meets rigorous quality standards with safe ingredients.

There are several fun flavors to choose from, including pixie dust, blue razz, and sour green apple.


  • 400mg caffeine matrix for more energy and bigger pumps.
  • 653mg intensity matrix for greater power output.
  • Increases muscle strength and workout efficiency.
  • Fresh fruity and candy flavors.
  • No proprietary blend.
  • Gluten-free.


  • Potential for caffeine side effects.


6. Purge Sports – Pre V2

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative For Intense Energy
Purge Sports Pre V2 (25 Servings)

Shop Nutrition Faktory
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If you’re ready to embrace intense energy levels, then Purge Sports – Pre V2 is an excellent choice, thanks to a high dose of citrulline malate and beta-alanine.

It’s a highly stimulating supplement that gets you hyped and helps maintain the same level of energy throughout the entire workout.

Purge Sports says its clinically dosed supplement is designed to maximize effectiveness, increase overall training volume, and build strength.

It also delivers powerful muscle pumps and facilitates mind-to-muscle connections as you stay focused in the gym.

Just take one scoop 20 to 30 minutes before hitting the weights to help you perform at your peak, no matter how tired you were, to begin with.


  • Clinically formulated for intense energy.
  • Potent dose of citrulline malate for athletic performance.
  • Beta-alanine boosts muscular endurance.
  • Stimulates greater muscle growth.
  • Hydromax helps with bigger pumps.
  • L-tyrosine improves focus.


  • Higher caffeine content and risk of jitters.


5. Redcon1 – Total War

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative For Focus
Redcon1 Total War (30 Servings)
$34.99 ($2.22 / Ounce)
Check Price on Amazon
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03/06/2024 04:05 pm GMT

Redcon1 – Total War increases focus and endurance to help you maximize your strength training workout for noticeable gym gains.

One scoop contains 6g of citrulline malate,  3.2g of beta-alanine, 1g of agmatine sulfate, and 1g of taurine for the most effective energy-boosting formula.

There’s also 250mg of caffeine, 150mg of juniper extract, and 50mg of theobromine, all combined in a tasty sour gummy flavor.

The brand says its perfect formula of quality ingredients hits hard whether it’s your first time taking it or you’re a regular user.

It’s third-party tested and confirmed free of banned substances, so you can rest assured this powerful stimulant combination is safe for everyday use.


  • Ideal length of energy increase.
  • Limited caffeine still powers awesome pumps.
  • BioPerine for fast absorption.
  • Free of banned substances.
  • Full ingredient transparency.
  • Kicks in quickly.


  • May taste chalky and leave a bad aftertaste.


4. Jacked Factory – NitroSurge

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative For Fat Burning
Jacked Factory NitroSurge (30 Servings)

Shop Jacked Factory
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Jacked Factory – NitroSurge is one of the top DMAA pre-workout supplements for fat burn and muscle build.

The brand says its elite pre-workout powder powers increased strength and pumps with science-backed ingredients for a laser focus.

It’s non-habit forming and comes in fruit punch, cherry limeade, and watermelon flavors for a satisfying pre-workout.

There are 30 servings per container, and each scoop has 3g of L-citrulline, 1.6g of beta-alanine, 1.25g of betaine, and 180mg of caffeine.

You also get an extra energy boost from 90mg of L-theanine, 50mg of theobromine, and 25mg of AstraGin to help with absorption.


  • Builds muscle and burns fat.
  • Supports stellar pumps and laser mental focus.
  • 30 servings per container with great fruity flavors.
  • 180mg of caffeine for safe energy stimulation.
  • Can be stacked with Pumpsurge.
  • Free of sugars and carbs.


  • Contains artificial ingredients.


3. Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged

Best Flavored DMAA Pre Workout Alternative
Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged (20 Servings)

Shop Kaged Muscle
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Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged is the best flavored DMAA pre-workout alternative with seven delicious flavors to choose from.

This includes cherry bomb, pink lemonade, fruit punch, berry blast, crisp apple, orange kush, and grape, so you can enjoy every sip of this premium pre-workout.

The muscle fuel matrix includes 1,750mg of L-leucine, while 2.5g of betaine helps with metabolism, so your muscles are powered and ready to go.

The brand says its DMAA pre-workout alternative makes you lift heavier and push longer to ultimately crush your goals.

These vegetarian and vegan-friendly supplements are third-party tested and free of banned substances.


  • Boosts energy and endurance.
  • Supports better pumps and mental focus.
  • Excellent creatine power.
  • 7 delicious flavors.
  • Vegetarian and vegan.
  • Third-party tested.


  • Contains sucralose.
  • Beta-alanine dosage isn’t as high.


2. Huge Nutrition – Wrecked

Best High-Strength DMAA Pre Workout Alternative
Huge Nutrition Wrecked (25 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
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If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a popular high-strength DMAA pre-workout alternative, Huge Nutrition – Wrecked is a worthwhile choice.

It’s carefully formulated to take fitness performance and intensity to new heights thanks to 18 core ingredients that support skin-tearing muscle movements, powerful pumps, and intense energy.

You get over 21g of potent energy-boosting ingredients per serving, including 9,000mg of citrulline malate and 3,200mg of beta-alanine.

1,000mg of L-tyrosine and 250mg of caffeine anhydrous also help your body prepare for a big workout and make the most of every repetition.

Take one scoop 30 minutes before hitting the gym for the best results, and consider stacking Wrecked with other supplements like BCAA or Pump Serum.


  • Well-dosed with 18 effective ingredients.
  • Careful formula supports enhanced muscle movements.
  • Can be stacked with BCAA or Pump Serum.
  • High in caffeine for a big energy boost.
  • 9,000mg of citrulline malate.
  • Safe to take for 1-3 months.


  • Flavors may be too fruity for some.


1. Huge Nutrition – Wrecked Extreme

Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternative Overall
Huge Nutrition Wrecked Extreme (20 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Huge Nutrition – Wrecked Extreme is the best DMAA pre-workout alternative featuring a special limited edition formula.

As the brand’s most powerful pre-workout, the clinically dosed formula of superior ingredients is designed to stimulate energy, focus, and power.

With a total caffeine amount of 400mg per scoop, this DMAA pre-workout gives you a big energy boost to power through workouts and get the job done.

The formula includes 6,000mg of L-citrulline malate, 4000mg of beta-alanine, and 1,500mg of L-tyrosine.

Just one scoop half an hour before a strength session gives you a highly potent pre-workout to maximize muscle performance.


  • Delicious flavor powers big muscle gains.
  • Contains 16 potent core ingredients.
  • Stimulates energy, focus, and power.
  • 400mg of caffeine per scoop.
  • 6,000mg of L-citrulline malate.
  • Safe, high stimulant formula.


  • Only one flavor.


FAQs About DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives

A lot of fitness enthusiasts are curious about DMAA pre-workouts and how they work.

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about DMAA pre-workout alternatives to give you a better idea of what to expect.


Q: What Does DMAA Do in Preworkout?

DMAA pre-workout substantially boosts energy to stimulate greater exercise capacity and movements.

Although DMAA has been linked to serious side effects such as seizures, strokes, panic attacks, and psychiatric conditions, supplement companies have made valuable alternatives that essentially do the same thing as DMAA.

The best DMAA pre-workout alternatives give you the same energy stimulation for effective strength training, just without the health risks.


Q: What Are the Effects of DMAA?

DMAA was made illegal for dietary supplements in 2013 due to serious side effects, including higher blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

It also narrows arteries and blood vessels which can negatively impact heart health and put you at risk of cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, stroke, or even death.

Even just one dose of DMAA can give you a big crash and cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

That’s why DMAA pre-workout alternatives are so much better, as they are safer and healthier.


Q: Does DMAA Help Muscle Growth?

Before DMAA was declared illegal, some people incorporated it into their strength training routine to stimulate muscle growth.

While DMAA is not safe to take due to the numerous side effects, DMAA pre-workout alternatives deliver the same support for muscle growth and powerful pumps.

If you want to experience extra energy and endurance like with DMAA, consider an alternative dietary supplement that’s safe to take from a trusted supplement brand.


Q: Is DMAA Illegal?

As one of the strongest pre-workouts out there, DMAA pre-workouts raised red flags for the FDA, which has since made DMAA illegal.

According to the FDA, DMAA is an amphetamine derivative, not a dietary ingredient, so any dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal.

DMAA can increase blood pressure and cause shortness of breath, chest tightening, and even heart attacks.

That’s why fitness enthusiasts take DMAA pre-workout alternatives instead.


Q: What Is Similar to DMAA?

Alternative DMAA pre-workout supplements containing L-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, L-tyrosine, and caffeine are similar to DMAA.

As a reliable source of energy stimulation, caffeine and the rest of these DMAA alternatives provide a powerful boost without harmful side effects.

DMAA pre-workout alternatives have taken off in recent years as more people opt for a safer strength-building solution compared to dangerous 1,3-dimethylamylamine.


Q: Which DMAA Pre Workout Alternative to Choose?

When deciding on DMAA pre-workout supplements, pay close attention to all the ingredients and the listed benefits, such as better muscle pumps or increased focus.

Consider DMAA pre-workouts with essential nutrients like vitamin B, C, and D to help the body function properly, and also look at the caffeine content so you know where the energy is coming from.

Plus, you probably want to think about the flavor and what best suits your taste preferences, as well as how many servings come in each container.



If you’re on the lookout for the strongest pre-workouts, you can’t go past the best DMAA pre-workout alternatives.

Although DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine) itself is too powerful and dangerous, so much so that it’s banned by the FDA, many worthwhile alternatives are featured in this article.

With a safe and effective DMA pre-workout alternative, you can enjoy greater power and strength while also benefitting from increased mental focus and energy. 

Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternative Overall
Huge Nutrition Wrecked Extreme (20 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best DMAA pre-workout alternatives:

  1. Huge Nutrition – Wrecked Extreme
  2. Huge Nutrition – Wrecked
  3. Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged
  4. Jacked Factory – NitroSurge
  5. Redcon1 – Total War
  6. Purge Sports – Pre V2
  7. Pro Supps – Mr. Hyde Xtreme
  8. Insane Labz – Psychotic
  9. Bucked Up – Woke
  10. JNX Sports – The Curse!

What’s your favorite DMAA pre-workout alternative? Leave a comment below. 

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