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The 10 Best Estrogen Blockers



Best Estrogen Blockers

What are the best estrogen blockers?

Estrogen blockers are much like testosterone boosters, although they specifically counter the effects of estrogen by blocking the primary female sex hormone.

While estrogen is a natural hormone in both males and females, sometimes the body makes too much estrogen, which can cause adverse effects, especially in men.

Estrogen blockers aim to limit estrogen levels, as high amounts of estrogen can lead to fat gain and muscle loss. Estrogen may impact libido and sexual potency for men too.

The main benefit of estrogen blockers is that these supplements help maintain strength and support better athletic performance to help you smash your training goals.

We wanted to make it easier to find the best estrogen blocker for men, so we put together this comprehensive list of the top natural estrogen blockers available today.

Check out our list to find the strongest estrogen blocker and stock up on the best supplements for your body.


The Best Estrogen Blockers Compared

Our supplement lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best estrogen blockers:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best Estrogen Blocker Overall
Huge Nutrition Rebirth PCT (30 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
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10. Ideal Infusion – Primal Shield

Best Estrogen Blocker For Men & Women
Ideal Infusion Primal Shield (60 Servings)
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07/16/2024 09:05 am GMT

Ideal Infusion Primal Shield is a quality estrogen blocker for men and women.

It helps minimize estrogen and boost testosterone in men and balance hormones in women.

These vegan supplements are used for liver detox, thyroid support, and lean muscle mass with ingredients like broccoli sprout extract, stinging nettle root extract, maca root extract, diindolylmethane (DIM), sea kelp mix, and BioPerine.

There is 25mcg of iodine or 17% of the daily value per serving, on top of 500mg of Primal Shield Blend and 300mg of DIM. 130mg of the Thyroid Nourish Blend also makes a big difference to those with thyroid issues.

Thanks to stinging nettle root, this potent formula nourishes the thyroid and also helps with prostate support.

Plus, the presence of broccoli sprout and other natural ingredients help fix stubborn belly fat, soft muscles, and fatigue.


  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Elite longevity supplements with thyroid support.
  • Encourages strength and endurance.
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • Just one capsule a day is enough.
  • 60 servings per container.


  • Not everyone likes the blend of ingredients.


9. VH Nutrition – EstreduxHP

Best High-Performance Estrogen Blocker
VH Nutrition EstreduxHP (30 Servings)
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07/16/2024 04:53 am GMT

VH Nutrition EstreduxHP is a popular high-performance estrogen blocker that boosts fat metabolism, promotes hormone balance, and improves stamina.

This supplement gives you more energy for strength-building exercises and has an impressive 1,450mg of a proprietary blend in every serving.

This blend includes ingredients like ashwagandha, eleuthero, cordyceps, dim, longjack, Rhodiola, and Panax ginseng.

The brand says it’s a super potent estrogen blocker and an aromatase inhibitor is formulated just for men and uses adaptogens to help the body and mind quickly adapt to new stresses.

EstreduxHP has the power to help with fat burning and high-level energy to keep you going all day long, especially when combined with proper diet and exercise for the best results.


  • 1,450mg of proprietary blend with high-quality ingredients.
  • Aromatase inhibitor safely lowers estrogen.
  • Helps the body burn fat and adjust to new stress.
  • Improves stamina and vitality.
  • Powerful ingredients absorb quickly.
  • Small, easy-to-swallow capsule.


  • Bottle only covers a 30-day supply.
  • For men only, women should not take.
  • Some people don’t like the prop blend mixture.


8. Pride Nutrition – E-Block

Best Estrogen Blocker For Body Fat Reduction
Pride Nutrition E-Block
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07/16/2024 04:19 am GMT

Pride Nutrition E-Block is the top estrogen blocker for body fat reduction with 250mg of DIM, 100mg of chrysin, and 80mg of calcium per serving.

This estrogen inhibitor maximizes the estrogen to testosterone ratio, reduces body fat, and increases libido.

It also gives athletes the strength, power, and endurance to push through challenging workouts and reach their ideal muscle mass.

Pride Nutrition says its estrogen blocker helps alleviate cystic acid by eliminating excess estrogen, while also fighting gynecomastia naturally by restoring hormonal balance after the effects of high estrogen.

The brand says its E-block supplements are great for improving mood and confidence, and every batch is made in the U.S. with quality ingredients at a safe, effective dosage.


  • Reduces body fat and restores hormonal balance.
  • 250mg of DIM and 100mg of chyrsin.
  • Maintains an ideal ratio of estrogen to testosterone.
  • Good source of calcium for healthy bones.
  • Helps with cystic acne and gynecomastia.
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Only 30 servings per container – 2 capsules each.


7. VH Nutrition – EstroVoid

Best High-Potency Estrogen Blocker
VH Nutrition EstroVoid (30 Servings)
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07/16/2024 04:50 am GMT

VH Nutrition offers 1,500mg of male estrogen-blocking formula in every serving of two capsules.

This anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor raises testosterone levels to boost performance, promote recovery, increase libido, and support vitality.

It’s made with potent ingredients such as ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, cordyceps, eleuthero, Panax ginseng, and Eurycoma.

In addition to naturally increasing testosterone, this estrogen blocker is highly absorbent to deliver exciting results for men who want to see more muscle gain and lifestyle changes.

The gelatin capsules are made of rice flour and magnesium stearate, and to get the most out of these supplements, you should take one in the morning with 12 oz. of water and one in the early afternoon.


  • 1,500mg of male estrogen blocker.
  • Eurycoma supports natural testosterone production.
  • Anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor.
  • Promotes recovery and increased vitality.
  • Helps men gain muscle strength.
  • Contains no allergens.


  • Contains prop blends that may not be preferred by everyone.
  • 2 capsules per serving or 30 servings total.


6. Nugenix – Estro-Regulator

Best Estrogen Blocker For Estrogen Regulation
Nugenix Estro-Regulator (30 Servings)
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03/07/2024 04:14 pm GMT

Nugenix Estro-Regulator is a powerful testosterone booster and estrogen blocker for men.

This aromatase inhibitor and DIM supplement contains 100mg of DIM and 500mg of chrysin to provide excellent estrogen regulation to enhance physical performance.

By limiting the body’s estrogen output and promoting hormonal balance, it encourages healthy blood flow and heart/blood vessel function.

Nugenix says its estrogen blocker reduces aromatization and is a trusted choice for stopping the body from converting testosterone into estrogen.

This estrogen regulator is made without caffeine or other stimulants and banned substances.

It’s manufactured under stringent FDA guidelines with carefully sourced ingredients for guaranteed potency, purity, and effectiveness.


  • Effective estrogen blocker and t-booster.
  • Contains 33% daily value of vitamin E.
  • 100mg of DIM and 500mg of chyrsin.
  • Aromatase inhibitor in gelatin and cellulose capsule form.
  • Free of stimulants and made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Supports blood flow and heart health.


  • Need to take two capsules per serving.
  • Just 30 servings per container.


5. Muscle Force – Estrotase

Best Maximum Strength Estrogen Blocker
Muscle Force Estrotase (30 Servings)

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If you’re looking for a maximum strength estrogen blocker, Muscle Force Estrotase is the way to go.

It’s a natural aromatase inhibitor and hormone balancer packed with high-quality, scientifically proven estrogen-blocking ingredients.

This includes zinc, maca root, tongkat ali, grape seed extract, dim, kudzu root, chrysin, and boron.

This supplement removes xenoestrogens that cause hormonal imbalances and adverse effects.

Muscle Force says its Estrotase estrogen blocker drives noticeable weight loss results as well as exciting muscle growth and healthy hormone levels.

It’s also a great bodybuilding supplement that helps competitors take their physique up a notch, thanks to 30mg of zinc, 250mg of grape seed extract, and 100mg of DIM.

It can be used during or post cycle or as a stand-alone supplement to build muscle, cut unwanted fat, promote vitality, and increase libido.


  • Maximum strength estrogen blocker with 30mg of zinc.
  • 250mg of grape seed extract and maca root.
  • Works to build muscle during or post cycle.
  • Removes xenoestrogens to improve hormonal imbalances.
  • Aromatase inhibitor decreases unwanted fat.
  • All-natural gluten-free supplement.


  • Serving size is 3 capsules.
  • Only 30 servings per container.


4. Genius – Estrogen Balance

Best DIM Boosted Estrogen Blocker
Genius Estrogen Balance (30 Servings)
Check Price on Amazon
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07/16/2024 06:29 am GMT

Genius Estrogen Balance is a trusted dual estrogen blocker for men and hormonal balance supplement for women.

These unflavored capsules have three key ingredients in diindolylmethane (DIM), grape seed, and BioPerine.

There’s 150mg of DIM and grape seed in every veggie capsule, plus 5mg of BioPerine.

The grape seed is especially beneficial as it acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor that blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Estrogen Balance supplements increase nitric oxide production and boost blood flow, while BioPerine is a patented black pepper fruit extract that raises nutrient absorption by at least 30%.

Arguably the most important ingredient of all is DIM, which controls estrogen levels by favoring the healthiest hormones.

This is an enhanced formula with zero added sugar, no sneaky proprietary blends, and no artificial additives.


  • DIM boosted balancing supplement with 150mg per serving.
  • 150mg of grape seed extract for natural hormonal balance.
  • 5mg of BioPerine increases nutrient absorption.
  • Aromatase inhibitor stops testosterone conversion.
  • 100% real ingredients in veggie capsules.
  • No added sugars or prop blends.


  • Only 30 capsules per container.


3. Jacked Factory – Androsurge

Best Aromatase Inhibitor 
Jacked Factory Androsurge (60 Servings)

Shop Jacked Factory
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Jacked Factory has the best aromatase inhibitor with its Androsurge line of estrogen blockers.

This is a popular physique hardening agent that boosts testosterone and prohibits estrogen production for natural muscle growth and fat loss.

These veggie capsules are made in the U.S. to GMP standards with no artificial colors or prop blends, providing a natural way to enhance energy and vitality.

Jacked Factory relies on science-backed ingredients like zinc and vitamin D to deliver powerful health benefits.

These supplements offer 1000 IU of vitamin D or 250% of the daily value to avoid low testosterone levels and osteoporosis.

As an all-natural estrogen reducer for men, Androsurge harnesses your natural potential to maximize fat loss and muscle growth.

It helps build muscle by encouraging muscle fullness throughout strength training and reducing muscle catabolism.


  • 250% daily value of vitamin D.
  • Natural estrogen blocker and aromatase inhibitor.
  • Boosts testosterone for athletic performance.
  • Helps with muscle growth and fat loss.
  • Zero fillers or dyes.
  • Only one daily capsule per serving.


  • Slightly lower zinc content than other supplements – 9.5mg per serving.


2. Transparent Labs – Vitality – Best Natural Hormone Support

Transparent Labs Vitality Natural Testosterone Booster
Shop Transparent Labs
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Transparent Labs is the best brand of estrogen blocker for natural hormone support.

Vitality supplements are part of the brand’s Strength Series with a 3-in-1 formula that boosts vitality, improves body composition, and increases bioavailable testosterone.

2 capsules per serving give you 15mg of zinc, and there are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives in this non-GMO, gluten-free estrogen blocker.

The brand says its special formula controls estrogen and cortisol production while raising bioactive testosterone levels.

It supports fat burning, lean muscle gains, confidence, libido, strength, and overall vitality too.

There are clinical doses of scientifically proven ingredients like Eurycoma longifolia extract and organic ashwagandha extract, which reduce aromatase activity, protect cells, and support testosterone production.


  • 3-in-1 natural hormone support.
  • Encourages hormonal balance for optimal wellbeing.
  • Supports athletic performance by raising bioactive testosterone.
  • 15mg of zinc per serving.
  • Easy serving size with two daily capsules.
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free.


  • Smaller size with 60 capsules per bottle.
  • 30 servings per container.


1. Huge Nutrition – Rebirth PCT

Best Estrogen Blocker Overall
Huge Nutrition Rebirth PCT (30 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
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As the best estrogen blocker overall, Huge Nutrition Rebirth PCT delivers exciting benefits like lean muscle gains and healthy testosterone levels.

This post cycle formula effectively reduces estrogen and helps athletic performance by encouraging rapid recovery.

10 potent ingredients help the body recover naturally, including vitamin D3, magnesium aspartate, zinc, and D-Aspartic acid.

Huge Nutrition says its Rebirth PCT estrogen blocker eliminates adverse side effects as a natural anti-estrogen and t-booster supplement.

75mg of arimistane helps fight estrogen conversion while 50mcg of vitamin D3, 45mg of magnesium, and 25mg of zinc promote lean muscle development, power, strength, and drive.

With six capsules per daily serving and 180 capsules per container, you can take it for a month to ensure efficient estrogen control.


  • 75mg of arimistane blocks estrogen conversion.
  • Encourages lean muscle gains for better athletic performance.
  • 10 key ingredients for natural recovery cycles.
  • Post cycle formula can be taken for 1-3 months.
  • May be stacked with other supplements.
  • 180 capsules per container.


  • Recommended daily dosage is six capsules.
  • Should be taken in the morning with a meal.


FAQs About Estrogen Blockers

To make it even easier to buy the best estrogen blockers, we’ve put together a handy list of the most frequently asked questions about natural estrogen blockers.


Q: What Do Estrogen Blockers Do?

Estrogen blockers are supplements that block the body’s estrogen production.

While estrogen is important for healthy body functions, a lot of people experience excess estrogen.

This is a common problem for males who may have side effects like water retention, insomnia, increased body fat, and loss of muscle mass if they have too much estrogen.

Estrogen supplements prohibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance and encourage natural strength and stamina.

While estrogen blocker supplements are used for athletic performance and male sexual health, it’s worth mentioning that estrogen blockers may prevent the growth of cancer cells and are used as a treatment for breast cancer.


Q: What Are the Benefits of Estrogen Blockers?

Estrogen is a natural hormone critical to female development and reproductive functions, but men have estrogen too.

However, there are adverse effects for people who have too much estrogen, and many men may experience muscle loss or low libido if they have excess estrogen.

That’s where natural estrogen blockers come into play, as these supplements prevent estrogen production and encourage higher testosterone levels instead.

The key benefits to look forward to with estrogen blockers include increased strength, greater endurance, and stronger muscle development.

Many supplements offer additional health benefits such as bone and immune protection, depending on the ingredients.


Q: What Are the Side Effects of Estrogen Blockers?

As long as you take estrogen blockers in the recommended dosage, side effects are pretty rare.

However, some people do experience headaches, nausea, or mood swings.

If you feel funny after taking estrogen blockers or you aren’t sure how long to take them, contact your doctor for a professional medical opinion.


Q: Do Estrogen Blockers Increase Testosterone?

Estrogen blockers are designed to increase testosterone, which in turn improves athletic performance, strength training, and overall health.

While estrogen itself is linked to several benefits like increased good HDL cholesterol, having too much estrogen can be detrimental to men and their sexual health.

That’s why many men take estrogen blockers to minimize estrogen and boost testosterone to help them in the gym and beyond.


Q: Do Estrogen Blockers Block All Estrogen?

Estrogen blockers don’t block all estrogen but instead limit its production and block its effects in some cells.

Men with high levels of estrogen may have lower levels of testosterone, and estrogen blockers can provide a better hormonal balance.

These supplements are a healthy, natural way to boost muscle gains and support strong athletic performance for daily workouts.


Q: Which Estrogen Blocker to Choose?

Choosing which brand of estrogen blockers for men depends on your health and fitness goals.

Most people prefer aromatase inhibitors due to their strong natural performance and fewer side effects compared to tamoxifen.

It’s best to look for scientifically proven ingredients like DIM, aspartic acid, grape seed extract, and ginseng, which are all effective at blocking estrogen.

Always check the label before buying an estrogen blocker to see the ingredients and nutritional content.

If you want to boost muscle gains and recovery, look for supplements that provide these benefits.

Also see if the brand is non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in GMP factories.

So long as you are satisfied with the formula, benefits, and serving size, you should be able to notice an exciting difference within a few weeks if not sooner.



If you want to better manage your estrogen levels to minimize adverse effects like fat gain, muscle loss, and low libido, estrogen blockers are a great supplement to incorporate into your daily life.

The best estrogen blocker for men naturally reduces estrogen, supports healthy testosterone levels, and promotes lean muscle mass gains.

When it comes to maximizing muscle growth and enhancing strength performance, you can’t go wrong with trusted estrogen blocker brands.

Best Estrogen Blocker Overall
Huge Nutrition Rebirth PCT (30 Servings)

Shop Huge Nutrition
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best estrogen blockers:

  1. Huge Nutrition – Rebirth PCT
  2. Transparent Labs – Vitality
  3. Jacked Factory – Androsurge
  4. Genius – Estrogen Balance
  5. Muscle Force – Estrotase
  6. Nugenix Estro – Regulator
  7. VH Nutrition – EstroVoid
  8. Pride Nutrition – E-Block
  9. VH Nutrition – EstreduxHP
  10. Ideal Infusion – Primal Shield

What’s your favorite estrogen blocker? Leave a comment below. 

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