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The 10 Best Barbell Collars



Best Barbell Collars

What are the best barbell collars? 

The best barbell collars are a must-have tool for weightlifters that lift heavy weights and need the confidence and security that their plates aren’t going anywhere while lifting. 

Because there are hundreds of barbell collars on the market now, we’ve searched high and low for the best in quality, durability, price, and performance.

You will find the best of the best in this post — these barbell collars will protect your balance and ensure your safety without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. 


The Best Barbell Collars Compared

Our equipment lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable companies and web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best barbell collars:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick: 

Best Barbell Collar Overall
Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 03:14 am GMT


10. GorillaJaw – Barbell Collars

Best Barbell Collars For Crossfit Workouts
GorillaJaw Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
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03/06/2024 05:45 pm GMT

These firm grip barbell collars will keep heavy weight plates from sliding off the barbell during intense CrossFit sessions, strength training workouts, and any other weightlifting workout you enjoy. 

Made from molded premium nylon lock material, GorillaJaw Barbell Collars are reinforced to ensure a no-slip grip on your plates during any workout. 

Particularly during CrossFit training sessions where the tempo is everything, you’ll feel confident that no matter what you lift, these barbell collars have your back.

GorillaJaw collars grip on perfectly every time and are simple to remove from the barbell post-lift or to swap weights. 

The lightweight design and materials keep your weights in place, aren’t rough on your hands to remove, and are a total must-have tool for your weightlifting needs. 


  • Fit any standard barbell 
  • 2-inch plate clamps 
  • 1.75 inches in width
  • Ideal for cross-training, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, and more
  • Great durability — no movement even when dropping weights on deadlifts
  • 1-year warranty


  • More expensive option


9. Day 1 Fitness – Barbell Collars

Best Barbell Clamps For Weightlifting Versatility
Day 1 Fitness Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
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For weightlifters that dabble in various workouts, Day 1 Fitness barbell collars are a pretty flawless choice regardless of what you’re lifting. 

Versatility is key for workout equipment and tools — you want something you can use regardless of what you’re lifting or working with, and Day 1 Fitness barbell collars bring the heat.

These heavy-duty weight clamps are made from molded plastic that provides durability through a no-slip grip that doesn’t wear over time or after heavy use. 

Solid, interlocking teeth clamp on tight to your barbell during lifts to ensure your plates aren’t going anywhere (and protect you in the process).

These durable barbell collars are a reliable tool that will help you focus on your technique and form, rather than stressing if your plates are on securely. 


  • Come in two sizes: 1” for a standard bar and 2” for an Olympic barbell 
  • Excellent affordable price point
  • Heavy-duty strength keeps plates in place
  • Lightweight and portable for travel or to bring with you to the gym
  • Quick-lock/ release for ease of use and simple to put on 


  • Some users report these barbell collars slide off dumbbells and threaded bars


8.  Dark Iron Fitness – Barbell Collars

Best Lever Clamp Barbell Collars
Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 12:14 am GMT

Dark Iron has mastered the lever clamp barbell collar — this lightweight, levered clamp is a great alternative to traditional spring clamps that can be cumbersome when trying to swap weights quickly.

The brand’s barbell collars won’t slip or move at all, scratch your bar, or lose any tension over time.

This kind of peace of mind during heavy lifts is invaluable for weightlifters and athletes of any skill level. 

These lever clamps feature an easy slide on/off the bar, regardless of your hand size or strength. 

Barbell clamps that are light yet durable are an ideal weightlifting tool for athletes at any fitness level.

Dark Iron products provide security that your plates aren’t going to slide off the bar during lifts and are a breeze to remove.


  • Made of high-impact, molded polyester 
  • Fit a standard 2-inch Olympic bar
  • Clamps slide on and tighten in one motion 
  • The spring-loaded locking system creates a tight grip and security 
  • Compact and lightweight; great for travel or to toss in your gym bag
  • Great for powerlifting, Olympic weight training, and general workouts 


  • More expensive barbell collar option 
  • Does not fit a 1-inch bar


7. MoKo – Barbell Collars

Best Spring Clamp Barbell Collars
MoKo Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
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Made from reinforced plastic and high-strength nylon, MoKo Barbell Collars will clamp onto your barbell like the jaws of life. 

The rugged lock-jaw clamp prevents skidding on the bar, features soft elastomer padding to prevent scratching, and provides a secure grip. Y

our confidence during workouts will skyrocket with these barbell collars. 

Suitable for a variety of workouts, including weightlifting, deadlifting, bench press, group fitness, and more. 

Barbell collars are designed for durability and security, and MoKo barbell collars are sure to help you achieve your fitness goals while also keeping you safe during workouts. 


  • Come in 1” and 2” sizes for standard barbells or Olympic sized bars
  • Quick-release for easy weight removal or adding weights
  • Open and close clamps with one finger 
  • Rubber padding prevents scratching and rubbing on your bar 
  • Locks tighter than traditional spring barbell clips


  • May loosen when you drop the bar post-lift 
  • Clamps are stiff before breaking in through consistent use


6. Lock-Jaw – Barbell Collars 

Best Quick Release Barbell Collars
Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 05:04 pm GMT

Lock-Jaw recently released this new version of their quick-release barbell collars, and to say we are stoked on the new product is a major understatement! 

Their new and improved barbell collars feature a larger lever and a new spring-loaded snap latch design to make installation and removal of the collars a breeze during workouts.

Soft elastomer padding and the collar’s resin frame are designed to protect your barbell and weight plates from any damage, including scratching or rubbing during lifts. 

We love when companies release an updated version of a fan-favorite product with slight tweaks and performance improvements; Lock-Jaw hit the nail on the head with this new release. 

Totally worth checking out! 


  • Great for heavy lifters, high impact workouts, and when bumper plates are used 
  • 50% stronger than the original version of these barbell collars
  • 2” Olympic barbell collars 
  • Maximum durability thanks to an increased clamping force


  • Expensive option compared to competitors


5. Dreampark – Barbell Collars

Best Standard Barbell Collars
Dreampark Barbell Collars

Check Price on Amazon
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For those who lift standard barbells and are looking for a more secure fit, Dreampark barbell collars are a simple solution without overcomplicating your lifts. 

Complete with quick-release functionality and a perfect fit on a 1” barbell, Dreampark gets a gold star in the standard barbell category. 

These barbell collars are ideal for amateur lifters or those who don’t have tons of space in their gym or workout space or who just prefer standard lifting practices.

While you may not be able to use these with an Olympic barbell and weights, you’ll be fully satisfied with their functionality and utility in any setting. 


  • Great price for the quality 
  • Four color options 
  • Clamps fit a standard 1” barbell 
  • One-click lock design for easy removal and installation
  • Ideal for cross-training, overhead press, bench press, Olympic lifts using a 1” bar 


  • Not the most reliable option for heavy lifting 
  • Do not fit all threaded bars or Olympic barbells 


4. CAP Barbell – Spring Clip Barbell Collars

Best Budget Barbell Collars
CAP Barbell Spring Clip Barbell Collars
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
04/02/2024 11:46 pm GMT

As you build your home gym or add new tools to your current gym regime, CAP Barbell spring clip barbell collars are a budget-friendly addition that you’ll never regret purchasing. 

Spring collars gained popularity because they’re so lightweight and barely noticeable during lifts.

They add nearly no weight to your lift, making them a popular choice in the weightlifting community.

While they do require more effort to get on and off your barbell, the price and quality make them valuable to have. 

CAP never skimps on quality, and these spring collars are no exception! 

Made from high-quality steel to secure weights of various sizes, these collars will fit any 2-inch Olympic barbell.


  • Budget-friendly price without sacrificing quality 
  • Fits any 2-inch Olympic barbell 
  • Comfortable grip handles that are easy on your hands 
  • Easy install and removal from your barbell 
  • Tight grip and tension make these built to last


  • Springs may be too difficult for some users to get on and off barbells


3. Greententljs – Barbell Collars

Best Barbell Collars For Strength Training
Greententljs Barbell Collars

Check Price on Amazon
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With over 22,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, clearly, Greententljs is giving the people what they want!

These barbell collars are durable and designed for workouts with an Olympic barbell and weights. 

Made from nylon, steel, and rubber, these barbell collars will support your various weightlifting exercises without costing a pretty penny.

If your current weightlifting focus is strength training, muscle endurance, technique, and form improvement, Greententljs barbell collars are worth checking out for all the above.

You’ll be blown away at the quality.


  • 2-inch diameter barbell clamps 
  • Snap-latch design for easy lock and unlock to change weights
  • Ideal for squats, bench press, deadlifts, and more 
  • Crafted with high-quality ABS plastic and nylon for a sturdy and durable finish
  • 11 color options 
  • Easy one-hand install 
  • No hassle returns  


  • Users claim the collars occasionally pop off when the weights are dropped
  • Not the best fit for dumbbells 


2. Clout Fitness – Barbell Collar

Best Barbell Collar For Heavy Lifting
Clout Fitness Barbell Collar
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 11:09 pm GMT

Clout Fitness is not messing around with their barbell collars. 

For heavy lifters who need an efficient set of collars to keep their weights in place at all times, these are your best bet. 

Designed to stay intact even when dropped, these barbell collars are made from thick plastic and contain steel pins for durability. 

Rubber pads keep the clamps in place while maintaining a lightweight feel and a nice, snug fit. 

The quick-release clamp makes it fairly easy to install or remove weights, and the “click” noise you’ll hear is a signal that your weights are locked and loaded. 

Additional security features? Check. 

Designed for heavy lifting while preventing damage? Check. 

Durable product with zero flaws? Check!

These barbell collars are the whole package. You don’t want to miss out on these.


  • Designed for heavy weight lifting 
  • Fits 2-inch weight bars
  • Great price point
  • Thick plastic and steel pins keep barbell collars intact through heavy use and wear
  • Lever clicking signals collars are locked and in place 
  • Made to carry heavier loads, but suitable for light weights too 
  • Rubber pads for added durability and to prevent scratching


  • Some users say the grip on these leave much to be desired


1. Iron Lab – Olympic Barbell Collar

Best Barbell Collar Overall
Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:14 am GMT

The moment you’ve been waiting for… our #1 choice of barbell collars!

It’s no easy feat to be considered a contender for the best barbell collars in the fitness world.

With so many choices available, making it to the top spot means the quality is top-notch, the fit is perfectly snug, the price is right, and the fitness community supports the use of this product and the company behind it. 

The Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collars checks off every box in this category and then some. 

Unlike spring collars which are tedious to remove from a barbell, Iron Lab’s barbell collars make removing weights and swapping a quick and easy process. No more wasting time! 

These collars were designed to withstand high-pressure strain and heavy weights, while remaining a lightweight option that won’t weigh you down. 

High-pressure grip pads help you get a good, strong grip on the bar during weightlifting. Steel pins help to prevent these collars from breaking under pressure. 

While the price may be a few dollars more than the average barbell collar, these are beyond worth the price! For peace of mind, security, and support, you won’t find a better option than Iron Lab barbell collars.  


  • Designed for an Olympic barbell and weights
  • Easy to use, thanks to the simple clasp design
  • Can be secured with one hand for quick weight swapping 
  • Grip pads make these barbell collars extra durable and sturdy 
  • It comes in six colors 
  • Great price point for quality
  • Ideal for faster tempo weightlifting, like CrossFit 
  • Locks prevent imbalance 


  • Not designed for dumbbell use 
  • Some users report they can be difficult to unlock


FAQs About Barbell Collars

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about barbell collars:


Q: What does a barbell collar do?

Barbell collars hold weight plates on the barbell while you are working out and lifting them.

Collars ensure the heavy weights won’t slip off the bar, which can cause serious injury in some situations. 

Barbell collars protect both the person using them on their weights and the equipment itself. 

Weight plates are heavy and solid but they can be damaged, particularly if they are dropped on top of each other. 

They can also cause damage to the floor if they’re dropped hard enough, especially in your home gym or workout space where the flooring isn’t as durable.

The barbell collar serves an important purpose in every workout that includes weightlifting, and there’s a reason they are used by amateur lifters, professional athletes, and every weightlifter in between.

They work, they keep athletes (and their equipment) safe, and they’re affordable.


Q: How do barbell collars work?

Barbell collars work by securing weights to a bar. They tightly encircle the barbell outside of the weighted plates and hold the plates steady. 

Before you perform a weightlifting exercise, you attach the barbell collars to the weight plates on your barbell. 

They slide on and sit right on top of the plates. Some have levers to lock them in place, others click to signal they’re locked.


Q: Should you use barbell collars?

Lifting with barbell collars is basic gym safety 101.

While some people opt to lift without barbell collars during a warm-up, especially when using light weights, we can honestly say we wouldn’t recommend it in almost any setting. 

There are a few reasons why, so let’s get into it.


1. It’s dangerous

Plates slide with each rep, even if you don’t notice it happening. Without collars in place to keep your weight steady, you’re putting yourself in the danger zone. 

If one end of the bar slides and the other doesn’t, now you’ve got an uneven load to worry about. 

Should the bar slip or tilt, you’re already committed to the lift, and it’s too late to go back in time and put on the collars like you know you should. 

If you’re lucky, the plates will crash and make a gigantic crashing noise, and your pride will take a hit. 

If you’re not so lucky, you could sustain a serious injury from carelessness. 

2. Collars can help improve your focus 

We’ve all been there — you’re lifting a heavy set, totally in the zone, when you hear the dreaded sound of the plates rattling. It’s distracting, it’s annoying, and it can interfere with your focus. 

With collars on your barbell, there’s no rattling to distract you. This leaves you to fully focus on your form, technique, and consistency. 

TLDR; YES, you should definitely use barbell collars every time you lift. No exceptions, no excuses.


Q: Are barbell clamps necessary?

For the majority of weightlifting exercises, barbell clamps are necessary to protect athletes during their workouts. 

Because weightlifting gyms have a lot of equipment to upkeep and provide for guests, we recommend purchasing your own pair of barbell clamps or collars.

Toss them in your gym bag and grab them when you need them. 

This way, you’ll never be at the mercy of the gym if you don’t have access to any.


Q: How big are the collars on a barbell?

The size and weight of barbell collars can vary from brand to brand, along with the size of the barbell and weights they’re securing.

Spring clamps are fairly small and can fit in the palm of your hand. 

Olympic barbell collars can be much larger because they have to sustain much more weight.

Generally speaking, collars aren’t heavy or clunky enough that they’re noticeable to the user.


Q: How much do barbell collars weigh?

Barbell collars are typically very lightweight, because who wants to add too much excess weight to their heavy lift?

Their weight depends on the material the collar is made of and the setting they’re being used in. 

For example, most gyms require their lifters to use lightweight metal collars that weigh a few ounces up to one pound.

Powerlifting competitions require all competitors to use collars that weigh around 5.5 pounds. 


Q: Do spring collars work?

Spring collars, also known as clamp collars, are an affordable way to secure weights on a barbell without dropping tons of money on equipment. 

You’ve likely seen them being used by weightlifters in the gym; they are small springs that fit in your hand that you squeeze and slide onto a barbell. 

For an average lifter or somebody just getting started in the weightlifting world, spring collars are a great option to add to your collection. 

As you dabble in other activities, like CrossFit, or when you start using heavier weights, we definitely recommend investing in stronger, more durable, and quality barbell collars that will give you a safe and secure lift every time.


Q: Should I use clips for bench?

If you are bench pressing solo, it’s typically recommended to never use collars or weightlifting clips on your barbell.

The reasoning is logical — a spotter can be there to help support the bar if you get stuck or miss a rep. 

Without a spotter, if this same scenario happens and you have your plates secured to the barbell with clips or collars, it can be seriously dangerous. 

If you get stuck at the bottom of a press and you can’t complete a rep, it’s easier to tilt the bar to the side and remove the plates that way. 

If you’re stuck under a bar holding heavy weights with no spotter, you’ll likely panic and have to find a way to roll the bar down your body so you can free yourself. 

When it comes to benching, collars and clips are great if you have a training partner nearby who can help if you need them. Otherwise, skip the clips. 

There are already enough ways to injure yourself at the gym. Don’t add to the list.


Q: How To Choose / Which To Choose? 

There are a few features you should keep your eyes peeled for when searching for the best barbell collar.

Quality of Hold

The main purpose of a barbell collar is to hold weights securely in place.

Ensure the collars you choose are capable of holding heavy weights by testing their strength and hold. 

They should not allow the plates any wiggle room to slip away from the bar, and there shouldn’t be any rattling or shaking during your lifts.


The majority of barbell collars are relatively lightweight and don’t add much to your lift (somewhere around ¼ a pound up to 5.5 pounds). 

However, that additional weight is still something to be aware of so you know how much you’re actually lifting. 


Like any fitness product you purchase, whether it’s a cross training shoe or a vibrating foam roller, it’s essential to know what your equipment is made of. Barbell collars are no different! 


Do research on the collar’s design, material, how it’s made, and the ease of installation and removal so you can make an educated decision on how durable it will really be. 

Do the collars attach and release easily? Some come with a clicking mechanism so you know it’s locked and in place.

Others have a quick-release lever for efficient weight swapping. 

Find out what works and what features are important to you, and make your decision from there.



There you have it… more details and information about barbell collars than you ever knew possible! 

As you likely discovered in this post, one of the great things about the weightlifting and fitness community is that there are so many variations of products available. 

Because weightlifters and athletes are all so different and have individual needs and preferences, this creates a huge demand for variety in the weightlifting world. 

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to barbell collars, don’t stress yourself out about it. 

This list provides all the resources, reviews, and facts you need to know to make an informed decision.

Best Barbell Collar Overall
Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:14 am GMT

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best barbell collars:

  1. Iron Lab – Olympic Barbell Collar
  2. Clout Fitness – Barbell Collar
  3. Greententljs – Barbell Collars
  4. CAP Barbell – Spring Clip Barbell Collars
  5. Dreampark – Barbell Collars
  6. Lock-Jaw – Barbell Collars
  7. MoKo – Barbell Collars
  8. Dark Iron – Fitness Barbell Collars
  9. Day 1 Fitness -Barbell Collars
  10. GorillaJaw – Barbell Collars

What’s your favorite barbell collar? Leave a comment below. 

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