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Amanda Cerny Workout Routine

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Amanda Cerny's Workout Routine & Diet

What does Amanda Cerny’s workout routine look like? 

Amanda Cerny is an actress and a YouTuber who is best known for her comedy sketches and vines. Cerny has a huge platform of followers. 

She has been featured in the official video of Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ along with J Balvin and Bad Bunny in 2018. With her increasing popularity, she has amassed over 25 million followers on her Instagram account. 

Within this article, we’ll discuss Amanda Cerny’s workout routine, diet, and supplements: 


Current Stats

  • Height: 170 cm – 5’7″
  • Weight: 59 kg – 130 pounds 
  • Age: 29 years old 
  • Birthday: 26th of June, 1991 
  • Accolades: Deported, Movie, 2020


Workout Principles 

Amanda Cerny uses different bodyweight exercises to stay in shape. Cerny likes to lift light weights, and circuit training. 

Cerny has stated that her famous abs come from her clean diet and that she performs few exercises to keep her body toned. 


Amanda Cerny’s Workout Routine 

Amanda Cerny performs cardio every day such as running 5 miles. When it comes to her workout routines she likes to focus on having lighter weights so she can hit more reps.

She enjoys circuit training with short rests between her sets, which are great for burning fat.

Here is Amanda Cerny’s workout routine: 


Amanda Cerny Glute Workout

On this glute routine, Amanda Cerny hits 5 different exercises with an average of 4 sets.

Here is Amanda Cerny’s glute routine: 

1. Mountain climbers (4 sets, 30 seconds)

2. Bridge lift (4 sets, 30 seconds)

3. Leg raise (4 sets, 30 seconds)

4. Forward lunge (4 sets, 30 seconds)

5. Sumo jump squat (4 sets, 30 seconds) 


Plank Workout

On this plank routine, she hits 2 different exercises.

Here is Amanda Cerny’s plank routine: 

1. Standard plank with elbows down (2 sets, 2 minutes)

2. Side plank with one arm in the air (2 sets, 2 minutes) 


Amanda Cerny Home Workout

On this home routine, Amanda Cerny hits 4 different exercises with an average of 15 reps.

Here is Amanda Cerny’s home routine: 

1. Thrusters (15 reps)

2. Burpee (15 reps) 

3. Front raise (15 reps)

4. Ab crunch (15 reps) 


Amanda Cerny’s Diet 

Amanda Cerny has been vegan since 2014 and her diet is plant-based. Cerny goes for different blood tests three times per year to check her nutrient levels.

She normally eats around 4-5 times per day and when she consumes snacks she eats fruit or edamame. 

Here is Amanda Cerny’s diet: 


1. Breakfast 

  • Pancakes 


2. Lunch 

  • Bean salad 


3. Snack 

  • Fruit 
  • Edamame 


4. Dinner 

  • Hummus
  • Vegetables



Amanda Cerny uses the following supplements to help fuel her gains: 



Amanda Cerny has a massive following on social media and she has influenced many with her stunning body.

Cerny is involved with different charity work and travels to areas affected by a disaster such as Haiti and Puerto Rico.

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Emmy Wallin is a writer for Jacked Gorilla. She is a young Swedish girl from Uppsala, who is currently traveling around the world. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Emmy has been studying celebrities careers, lifestyles, and workout routines for over 3 years. She is the face behind the workout routine articles here on Jacked Gorilla. Follow Jacked Gorilla on Instagram: @jackedgorillanews

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