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Huge Nutrition Formula XII Review



Huge Nutrition Formula XII Review

This is our complete Huge Nutrition Formula XII review.

Formula XII is a carb-based intra-workout or post-workout supplement designed to help replenish glycogen stores after or during a workout.

Whilst this is the main aim of the product and the main reason you should consider purchasing it, Huge Nutrition also decided to add in some extra popular ingredients to sweeten the deal.

We were sent a tub of Formula XII from the guys over at Huge Nutrition to try and review.

As a reminder, we are never paid directly for product reviews and all opinions remain our own.


Huge Nutrition Formula XII Review

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Formula XII Intra & Post Workout Formula (30 Servings)

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Within this review, we’re going to be talking about and reviewing the following:

  • Important Information
  • Tub Size/Servings
  • Scoop Size
  • Suggested Stacks
  • Ingredients/Supplement Facts
  • Flavor
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Where to Buy
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Overall Opinion


Important Information

Before we get into the big stuff like the ingredients, prices, flavors, and effectiveness; let’s quickly cover some important information on servings, product weight, and potential supplement stacks.


Tub Size/Servings

A single tub of Formula XII has a net weight of 954g and contains 30 servings.

Scoop Size

A single scoop of Formula XII weighs 31.8g, which is a nice and hefty amount for a carb-based intra-workout or post-workout.

Suggested Stacks

Huge Nutrition recommends stacking Formula XII with their Huge BCAA product.

Recommended Stack
Intra-Workout Stack (Formula XII & Huge BCAA)

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Formula XII Ingredients/Supplement Facts

Formula XII has a total of 12 different ingredients. The formula is carb-based and designed to be taken as either an intra-workout or post-workout, to help replenish those glycogen stores as you use up energy. 

It does also have some other solid ingredients with additional benefits, which I’ll explain below.

Here’s a full breakdown of Formula XII’s ingredients and dosages:


Cluster Dextrin – 10000mg

Cluster Dextrin is a patented version of the ingredient Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. It’s a solid source of carbohydrates to help replenish your body’s glycogen stores after an intense workout.

It’s suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.


Creatine Monohydrate – 5000mg

Whilst time of day doesn’t matter too much for creatine consumption according to research; it’s good to have it inside Formula XII. Most creatine supplements come unflavored, and I tend to mix it into some sort of shake, whether it’s pre-workout, post-workout, or otherwise. 

5000mg is the clinically effective dosage.


Organic ModCarb – 5000mg

ModCarb is a patented organic carbohydrate complex consisting of six grains:

  • Oats
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Chia
  • Millet


Beta-Alanine – 3200mg

Beta-alanine is an ingredient that I’m actually happy to see in this formula. I’m not the biggest fan of beta-alanine, given the required loading phase to see any potential performance benefits.

However, the optimal dosage during the loading phase is around 6000mg/day. If you’re taking a pre-workout like the Wrecked Pre-Workout from Huge Nutrition, that’s 3200mg.

Add in this product after your workout, and then you have another 3200mg, totaling 6400mg, which will be enough to get the job done.


Betaine Anhydrous – 3000mg

Betaine may help hydrate cells and therefore boost muscular endurance. It’s ideally used as a pre-workout or intra-workout ingredient.

2500mg has been shown to be the ‘clinically effective’ dosage.


L-Ornithine HCL – 2000mg

L-Ornithine HCL may indirectly aid tissue repair and also help detoxify the liver.

2000mg is the minimal ‘clinically effective’ dosage.


D-Ribose – 1000mg

D-Ribose is a sugar molecule, and the primary molecule responsible for providing the body’s cells with energy. After intense exercise, D-Ribose supplementation may help boost ATP levels in muscle cells, however, the research is still inconclusive.


Potassium Citrate – 150mg

Potassium citrate has been shown to help boost cardiovascular endurance whilst exercising. Low potassium and magnesium levels may cause muscle cramps, which is the last thing you want whilst performing an intense workout.


Grape Seed Extract – 125mg

Grape seed extract is loaded with antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation and alleviate oxidative stress on muscle tissue.


Alpha Lipoic Acid – 100mg

Alpha-lipoic acid is used to help break down carbohydrates in the body. It works well in conjunction with carbohydrate ingestion, as it may help to replenish glycogen stores faster after an intense workout.


Magnesium Citrate – 40mg

Similarly to potassium citrate, magnesium citrate may also help boost cardiovascular endurance during a workout.


Bioperine – 5mg

Bioperine is a patented form of black pepper extract, often used in supplements for its ability to improve ingredient absorption. It’s always good to have just to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.


Flavor Options

Currently, there’s only one flavor available for Formula XII, however, I do have the scoop on an additional flavor being released very soon. I think quite a few people are looking forward to a new flavor, as the current one is a ‘love or hate’ kind of deal.

Here’s a list of all the current flavor options for Formula XII:

  • Candy Apple
  • Tropical Blast (TBC)


Candy Apple

So Candy Apple is the flavor that Formula XII is currently available in, and it’s the flavor that I was sent by Huge Nutrition to try out. They were shooting for that iconic caramelized apple flavor, and in my opinion, they nailed it on the head.

The question is, would you enjoy that type of flavor as a drink?

I personally did.

The first time I tried it, the sweetness was quite powerful, but after a couple of times, the flavor grew on me.



Top Pick
Formula XII Intra & Post Workout Formula (30 Servings)

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Now we’ve covered all the important information about the product itself, let’s talk about the cost.

The price of Formula XII is $64.95 per tub. Whilst this might seem slightly steep, remember that there’s over 31g of content per serving, including Cluster Dextrin, Creatine, and Beta-Alanine.

Where can you buy Formula XII?

You can buy Formula XII on the official Huge Supplements website. All of Huge Nutrition’s products are listed on the site, so you can bet this is the best place to go.



There’s not really too much to talk about on the effectiveness of the product, other than that it does the job it was designed to do.

The carb combination, with the additional creatine and beta-alanine dosages, makes this a perfect intra-workout supplement in my opinion.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to covering some of the most common questions people have when it comes to Formula X:


Q: How Should I Use Formula XII?

Consume one serving of Formula XII before, during, or after your workout. It’s recommended to use this as your intra-workout supplement during your training to maximize gym performance.


Q: Why Should I Use This Product?

Formula XII offers several potential benefits for individuals. It focuses on improving workout performance, energy, recovery, and muscle growth. People should take this supplement to help carry them long, heavy, and intensive training sessions.


Q: Should I Stack Formula XII?

Huge Nutrition recommends combining Formula XII with Huge BCAA so that you have all the proven essentials you’ll need for maximizing your workout performance, recovery, and growth.



So where does Formula XII stack up as an intra-workout/post-workout?

Overall, I’m really enjoying Formula XII. I take it immediately after my workouts alongside either a protein shake or a protein-rich meal. It incorporates an excellent combination of ingredients, and I like the fact it includes both creatine and beta-alanine as well.

I’d normally have to add those two ingredients separately to another shake during the day, so this saves me the effort.

Whilst the flavor may be love/hate, they’re releasing a new flavor shortly to combat that problem.

That being said, I can’t seem to get enough off the Candy Apple flavor.

What do you think about this Huge Nutrition Formula XII review? Leave a comment below.

Huge Nutrition Formula XII Review











  • Great Carb Source
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Creatine


  • Limited Flavors
  • Slightly Expensive

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