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The 10 Best DHEA Supplements to Buy




The Best DHEA Supplements to Buy

Which are the best DHEA supplements?

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands. 

It acts as a precursor to help build other male and female sex hormones, like testosterone and estrogen. 

However, DHEA is at its best in early adulthood and slowly declines as we age. 

Therefore, some people believe that using DHEA supplements may combat aging while also improving sex drive.

So, with that in mind, here’s a list of the 10 best DHEA supplements:


The 10 Best DHEA Supplements

The list of DHEA supplements and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various web sources.

These are the 10 best DHEA supplements:


10. aSquared Nutrition – DHEA Maximum Strength

DHEA (100mg Max Strength, 200 Capsules) to Promote Balanced Hormone Levels for Women & Men - Natural DHEA Supplement Pills to Support Healthy Metabolism, Libio, Brain, Immune Function & Pure Energy
  • BEST VALUE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: Our maximum strength...

DHEA Maximum Strength by aSquared Nutrition helps support balanced hormone levels for men and women. 

You’ll receive 200 capsules/servings per bottle, each containing 100mg of pure DHEA. 

According to the brand, DHEA may help maintain and enhance energy levels, promote a healthy metabolism and libido, and balance mood and hormone levels. 

The supplement is made in the U.S.A in a GMP-compliant facility and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure purity. 

aSquared Nutrition recommends that adults take one capsule a day as needed and no more than two capsules a day.


9. Pure Encapsulations – DHEA

Pure Encapsulations DHEA 25 mg | Supplement for Immune Support, Fat Burning, Hormone Balance, and Emotional Wellness* | 180 Capsules
  • Increased Absorption: Pure Encapsulations DHEA is...
  • Metabolic Support: DHEA supports healthy fat and...
  • Emotional Well-Being Support: DHEA supports emotional...

Pure Encapsulations DHEA is made from hypoallergenic ingredients that are micronized to help absorption. 

Each bottle comes with 180 capsules/servings, all of which contain 25mg of DHEA. 

Pure Encapsulations suggests that using DHEA regularly can help support healthy fat and mineral metabolism, endocrine and reproductive function, energy levels, and emotional well-being. 

All the brand’s products are free from common allergens like wheat, gluten, eggs, and peanuts and do not contain artificial sweeteners, fillers, binders, or preservatives. 

Pure Encapsulations recommends taking one capsule a day with a meal for best results. 


8. Sheer Strength Labs – Sheer DHEA

Extra Strength DHEA 100mg Supplement for Muscle Building & Hormone Balance - Supports Natural Energy Levels - Promotes Healthy Aging in Men & Women - 60 Capsules - Dehydroepiandrosterone Formula
  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a naturally occurring...
  • Sheer DHEA packs a 100 mg in each serving for maximum...
  • Guaranteed results or your money back – Sheer...

Sheer DHEA by Sheer Strength Labs supports natural energy levels and promotes healthy aging in men and women. 

Inside each bottle, you’ll receive 60 capsules/servings, all containing 100mg of pure DHEA. 

Sheer Strength Labs states that using DHEA consistently can help build lean muscle, boost your fat-burning metabolism, improve libido, and defend against depression. 

Sheer DHEA is manufactured in the U.S.A, adhering to strict cGMP guidelines and testing to ensure purity and potency.

The brand’s suggested usage is to take one capsule per day with a meal. 


7. Horbäach – DHEA

DHEA 100mg | 200 Capsules | Non-GMO, Gluten Free Supplement | by Horbaach
  • HEALTHY AGING: Promotes natural, healthy levels of DHEA...
  • ABSORPTION: Delivers 100mg of this healthy-aging...
  • BALANCE: A naturally occurring hormone known for...

Horbäach DHEA is formulated to promote healthy levels of DHEA in men and women as they age. 

Each bottle holds 200 capsules/servings, all of which contains 100mg of pure Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Horbäach suggests that using DHEA can support healthy moods and mental clarity and promote positive levels of natural DHEA to help combat the effects of aging. 

The supplement is non-GMO and free from gluten, wheat, soy, lactose, artificial flavors, and colors.

Horbäach recommends taking one capsule daily with a meal. 


6. NatureBell – Maximum Strength DHEA

Maximum Strength DHEA 100mg, 200 Capsules, Supports Energy Level, Metabolism, Stamina for Men and Women, No GMOs, Made in USA
  • Maximum Strength DHEA Supplement 100mg, 200 Capsules....
  • Strongly Promotes Healthy Aging, Mood, Energy Level,...
  • Powerfully Supports Brain Health, Immune System and...

NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA is designed to support energy levels, metabolism, and stamina. 

Inside each bottle, you’ll receive 200 capsules/servings, all containing 100mg of pure DHEA. 

By taking DHEA regularly, NatureBell suggests that you may see an increase in energy and stamina while also feeling more productive and positive overall. 

The supplement is non-GMO, gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy-free, and is manufactured and 3rd party tested in the U.S.A.

NatureBell recommends taking one capsule a day with food for the best results. 


5. Mental Refreshment Nutrition – Pure DHEA

Pure DHEA - 100 mg Max Strength - 200 Capsules - Supports Balanced Hormone Levels for Women & Men, Healthy Metabolism, Brain, Immune Function & Energy
  • Supports increased muscle mass and strength
  • Supports Longevity
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 30 Day Money Back!

Pure DHEA by Mental Refreshment Nutrition supports balanced hormone levels and healthy metabolism, brain, and immune function. 

You’ll receive 200 capsules/servings per bottle, each containing 100mg of maximum strength DHEA. 

The brand suggests that you may see benefits ranging from increased strength and muscle mass, consistent energy levels, and heightened cognitive function. 

Mental Refreshment Nutrition products are made following Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) in the United States of America and are free from artificial colors and flavors.

To get the most out of the supplement, the brand recommends taking one capsule a day with a meal consistently.


4. Puritans Pride – DHEA

Puritans Pride Dhea 50 Mg Tablets, 100 Count
  • Highest quality vitamins and supplements since 1973
  • Scientifically formulated
  • May promote sugar metabolism

Puritans Pride DHEA is scientifically formulated to promote healthy aging and sugar metabolism. 

Per bottle, you’ll receive 100 capsules/servings, each containing 50mg of pure DHEA. 

The brand has been providing quality supplements since 1973 and suggests that using their DHEA formula can assist with healthy aging, cognitive function, and overall well-being. 

Puritans Pride’s DHEA supplement is free from gluten and soy and best taken daily, adhering to the brand’s recommended serving guidelines. 


3. Natrol – DHEA

Natrol DHEA Tablets, Promotes Balanced Hormone Levels, Supports a Healthy Mood, Supports Overall Health, Helps Promote Healthy Aging, HPLC Verified, 25mg, 300 Count
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY MOODS – Daily intake of Natrol DHEA...
  • SUPPORTS OVERALL HEALTH – DHEA is a precursor for...

Natrol DHEA tablets are formulated to promote balanced hormone levels and healthy aging. 

Each bottle includes 300 tablets/servings, all containing 50mg of calcium and 25mg of DHEA.

Some of the benefits you can expect from taking Natrol’s supplement are balanced hormone levels, cognitive clarity, increased energy, and consistent healthy moods. 

The all-natural supplement is 100% vegetarian, free from added sugar, colors, and preservatives, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Natrol recommends taking one capsule a day with a meal for the best results. 


2. Zhou Nutrition – DHEA

Zhou DHEA 50 mg | Hormonal Balance Formula for Women & Men | Healthy Aging | Non-GMO | 60 Veggie Capsules
  • RESTORE PEAK DHEA LEVELS. DHEA levels generally peak in...
  • HEALTHY AGING. Since you cannot obtain DHEA from food,...
  • HORMONAL BALANCE FORMULA. When the adrenal gland is...

DHEA by Zhou Nutrition consists of a strong hormonal formula that helps support aging in men and women. 

Each bottle contains 60 capsules/servings, providing you with 50mg of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) per serving. 

Zhou Nutrition suggests that their formula is designed to restore DHEA’s peak levels, promote hormonal balance and healthy aging, and maintain high energy levels.

The supplement is non-GMO, free from gluten, soy, egg, wheat, and milk, and is manufactured adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 

Zhou Nutrition recommends taking one capsule with food once daily to get the most bang for your buck. 


1. Havasu Nutrition – DHEA

Havasu Nutrition DHEA is designed to promote youthful energy, balance hormone levels, and support lean muscle mass. 

Inside each bottle, you’ll receive 60 capsules/servings, all containing 50mg of pure DHEA. 

Havasu Nutrition suggests taking DHEA will support hormone balance, weight-loss, and energy levels and help the metabolism and immune system.

All Havasu Nutrition formulas are free from preservatives, chemicals, and sugars and have undergone strict third-party testing.

The supplement is manufactured in the U.S.A and should be taken daily following the brand’s recommended serving guidelines. 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best DHEA supplements.

Whether you’re looking to gain back some energy or balance out hormones, adding one of these supplements to your stack could do wonders. 

We’ve been testing out Havasu Nutrition DHEA, and so far, we’ve felt calmer and slightly less stressed. 

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best DHEA supplements:

  1. Havasu Nutrition – DHEA
  2. Zhou Nutrition – DHEA
  3. Natrol – DHEA
  4. Puritans Pride – DHEA
  5. Mental Refreshment Nutrition – Pure DHEA
  6. NatureBell – Maximum Strength DHEA
  7. Horbäach – DHEA
  8. Sheer Strength Labs – Sheer DHEA
  9. Pure Encapsulations – DHEA
  10. aSquared Nutrition – DHEA Maximum Strength

What’s your favorite DHEA supplement? Leave a comment below.

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