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Born in Sufia, Bulgaria Lazar Angelov is a former professional basketball player turned fitness guru and fitness model. As a youngster, Angelov’s first love was basketball and he went on to become a star point guard on the Bulgarian National Team. As a basketball player, Lazar kept himself in peak physical condition through intense workouts and healthy eating. However, after leaving professional basketball to join the military Angelov started to lose his chiseled physique and began to pack on the pounds while losing muscle mass.

While playing basketball Angelov had two workouts each day, but he lacked any education on how to properly structure his diet. Consequently, he was always tired and his muscles never properly recovered. After the military, Angelov dedicated his professional life to becoming a trainer. However like many young people Angelov struggled to make ends meet and he was forced to work two jobs. Despite his financial struggles, Angelov persevered because he wanted to make his dream a reality. Angelov is a personal testament that if you want something really badly and work for it good things happen.

Today, Lazar is both a successful fitness model and personal trainer who is motivated by his fans. Once Angelov was able to successfully transform his lifestyle he recognized that he could assist others in doing the same thing. Now, Angelov works with hundreds of clients to help assist them in achieving their weight loss and fitness goals. Angelov’s ultimate goal is to motivate others to achieve the same results that he did with hard work and determination.

Lazar Angelov’s Workout

Angelov’s training philosophy focuses on heavy lifting to maintain better muscle density. Additionally, unlike many workout routines that train multiple muscles everyday Lazar has his clients focus on training only one muscle group per day. While other professional trainers focus on constantly changing techniques that stray from basic fitness principles, Angelov sticks to basic exercises like squats, bench press and deadlifts. However, Angelov introduces different variations to these traditional exercises that help different muscle groups and areas of the body become stronger.

In addition to weight training, Lazar instructs every client to do cardio for no more than twenty minutes. To increase his endurance and performance, Angelov likes to sprint outdoors by running the same distance every single time. Then, Angelov compares his times with past performances to judge his improvements. Angelov also recommends that people never exercise for more than 20 minutes because this will cause loss of muscle mass.

Lazar Angelov’s Diet

During the winter, he focuses on increases his body fat to between 10 and 12%; however, he focuses on eating food with high amounts of muscle building proteins. Angelov’s bulking diet includes higher amounts of saturated an unsaturated fats because it helps maintain a higher level of testosterone that leads to additional strength gain. For a lean diet, Lazar recommends a low carb diet that allows a person to maintain muscle strength and mass without burning fat quickly. An example of his current diet may include eating lots of rice, chicken, salmon, cottage cheese, peanut butter and eggs.

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      Warm up with jumping jacks.3 sets of 10-12 reps of each esercixe.30 Second rest between sets and 60 second rest between esercixes.EXERCISES1. 0:38 Warm-up: Jumping Jacks2. 0:54 Back: Pull Ups3. 1:03 Quads: Lunges4. 1:14 Biceps: Bicep Curls5. 1:27 Abs: Reverse Crunches6. 1:41 Chest: Push-Ups7. 1:51 Butt, Hamstrings: Reverse Lunges8. 2:07 Triceps: Close Grip Push-Ups9. 2:20 Abs: Cross Crunch10. 2:31 Shoulders: Pike Shoulder PressHope this helps

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