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Jeff Seid was always athletic, but he always wanted to have a “jacked” body with huge muscles all over. By making changes to his everyday diet and workout routine, he was able to achieve his dream body goal. For anyone trying to transform their body like he did, the information below can be helpful.

Workout Principles

The first thing Jeff did was become extremely dedicated to his workout routine. He went to the gym every day of the week and actually looked forward to it rather than dreading it. He also pushed to do more reps than he originally set out to do, and that helped him see results more quickly than he would have otherwise. In addition to this, he decided to seriously change his diet for the better. He did this by eating complex carbs and protein supplements that were not loaded with fat or sugar. In addition to this, he took supplements before he worked out and religiously looked at nutrition labels.

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The first part of his diet was supplement intake, which he did with each meal of the day. For the first meal he had 1 Animal Pak and 200mcg of Chromium Picolinate. With meals 1 and 7 as well as workouts, he took 1 tsp glutamine. For meals 2 and 4 and after working out, he had 1 serving of mass gainer. Pre workouts called for 2 servings of Nutrex Hemo Rage Black, and intra or post workouts called for 1 tbsp of Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 powder with 10 oz water. For post workouts he took 1 tsp creatine monohydrate and 2000mg vitamin c. Before bed he took 1 serving ZMA and 2 scoops casein protein.

As for his diets, he experimented with different things to find what worked for him. For example, for breakfast he’d have eggs and a banana with oats, and for his second meal he’d have mass gainer with flaxseed oil and milk. He’d also eat complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potato) with a lean fish or poultry, and plenty of green vegetables. Each of these meals had to be balanced with protein, carbohydrates and fats in order for them to provide his body with what it needed. This was especially true before and after working out. Overall, he’d have around 8 different meals throughout the day, from the time he woke up until the time he went to bed.

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Workout Plan

Although Jeff worked out every day, he make sure to change his workouts frequently to keep his body always growing and guessing. He focused on different parts of the body each do so that other areas could rest during that time. This helped increase his bulk without making him stay out of the gym for any time period.

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