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The 10 Best Iron Supplements



Best Iron Supplements

What are the best iron supplements?

Iron is a natural mineral found in many foods like red meat, chicken, pork, leafy greens, peas, dried fruits, and certain bread and pasta.

Iron plays a valuable role in the body’s growth, development, and everyday function.

When people don’t have enough iron in their diet, they may develop an iron deficiency, which can lead to shortness of breath, loss of concentration, tiredness, brittle nails, and many other symptoms. 

To ensure you have enough iron in your body, you can take iron supplements in different forms like capsules, powders, and gummies.

Read on to find out the best iron supplements on the market right now. 


The Best Iron Supplements Compared

Our supplement lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable companies and web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best iron supplements:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best Iron Supplement Overall
Nature's Bounty Iron (100 Servings)
$6.49 ($0.06 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
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05/21/2024 10:40 pm GMT


10. Solgar – Gentle Iron

Best Value Iron Supplement
Solgar Gentle Iron (180 Servings)
$21.57 ($0.12 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 06:05 pm GMT

Gentle iron supplements from Solgar are non-constipating and ideal for sensitive stomachs.

There are 180 vegetable capsules in each bottle, with 25mg of iron bisglycinate in every capsule.

That means you can get 139% of the recommended daily value with just one capsule, which contains microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose, and vegetable magnesium stearate.

The minimal ingredients and enhanced absorption formula are ideal for gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, halal, and vegan diets.

Solgar, which has been making dietary supplements since 1947, promises the Gold Standard with only the finest raw materials used to make small batches of quality iron supplements.

These capsules promote iron-rich blood for healthy tissues and support red blood cell production for essential biological functions.


  • 25mg of iron bisglycinate per serving.
  • Good value with 180 vegetable capsules per container.
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • No artificial flavors or coloring.
  • Trusted brand with over 70 years of experience.
  • Raw materials are made in small batches.


  • Capsules may be hard to swallow.


9. Thorne Research – Iron Bisglycinate

Best Iron Capsules
Thorne Research Iron Bisglycinate (60 Servings)
$14.00 ($0.23 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
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03/07/2024 02:19 pm GMT

When it comes to iron capsules, Thorne Research offers an enhanced absorption formula with 25mg of iron bisglycinate per capsule.

The brand says there are no gastrointestinal side effects from taking these supplements every day as a strong source of natural elemental iron.

Most people can swallow these capsules with no problem as they are only 0.71 inches long, and just one capsule is needed per day.

Thorne Research says its iron supplements are certified for sports performance, making them a popular choice for athletes who want to fight fatigue and stay strong.

These iron capsules are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free with no artificial flavors.

Blood building benefits help form new red blood cells, while the natural iron source protects against iron deficiency that could leave you feeling sluggish.


  • 25mg of iron bisglycinate per serving.
  • Fights fatigue and boosts red blood cells.
  • Protects against iron deficiency.
  • NSF Certified for Sport.
  • Free of gluten, soy, and dairy.
  • No artificial flavors.


  • 60 capsules per container – smaller than other capsule supplements.


8. New Chapter – Iron Complex

Best Organic Iron Supplement
New Chapter Iron Complex (60 Servings)
$24.97 ($0.42 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/28/2024 08:45 pm GMT

As the best organic iron supplement, New Chapter offers a fermented iron complex with organic whole-food ingredients.

The long list of nutrients includes 9mg of iron, 50% of the daily value, plus 30mcg of vitamin B12, which helps with nerve function and DNA production.

Just one tablet gives you 30mg of vitamin C, 7.5mg of vitamin E, and 1333mcg of folic acid to support your circulation and immune system.

New Chapter says these non-constipating, vegetarian tablets are the best for blood health, with 60 healthy, natural capsules in every container.

The fermented iron can be taken any time of day and even on an empty stomach for a convenient source of iron on the go.

This supplement is recommended for pregnant women who want to increase their nutritional iron levels.


  • Fermented for better absorption.
  • Contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid.
  • Vitamin B12 supports DNA production.
  • Non-constipating complex formula.
  • Made with organic vegetables and herbs.
  • They are recommended for pregnant women.


  • Less iron than other supplements with 9mg per serving. 


7. NOW Foods – Iron

Best Vegetarian Iron Supplement
NOW Foods Iron (120 Servings)
$7.95 ($0.07 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 02:59 pm GMT

As the best vegetarian iron supplement, NOW Foods veggie capsules have 18mg of iron ferrous bisglycinate per serving.

It’s also a good value with 120 gentle and non-constipating capsules in every bottle.

The superior absorption formula supports immune system function, energy production, and neurological health.

This is an easy way to up your iron intake with easy-to-swallow capsules less than an inch long, plus there’s no strong aftertaste.

Made by a trusted family-owned company since 1968, NOW Foods iron supplements are non-GMO and vegan, with no soy, dairy, egg, or nuts.

One capsule daily with a meal is enough to provide ample iron benefits for healthy blood cells, circulation, and muscles.


  • 18mg of gentle, non-constipating iron per serving.
  • Supports a healthy immune system and energy production.
  • Non-GMO, vegan capsules.
  • Free of soy, dairy, egg, and nuts.
  • Great value with 120 capsules per bottle.


  • Doesn’t contain additional vitamins or nutrients like complex supplements.


6. Renzo’s – Iron Strong

Best Iron Supplement For Kids
Renzo's Iron Strong (90 Servings)
$19.99 ($0.22 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 04:25 pm GMT

Renzo’s offers a great iron supplement for children with a zesty orange flavor kids love.

The iron strong supplements are melty tabs that dissolve on the tongue, so it’s easy for kids to take.

They are sugar-free and vegan with 9mg of carbonyl iron to help kids with low iron levels, and anemia levels get stronger and stay healthier. There’s also 25mg of vitamin C per serving.

The brand says its no-fuss melty tabs are gentle on the tummy and are great for picky eaters, with no sugar and only natural flavoring and sweeteners.

Every box is made in the company’s family-owned and FDA-registered lab in Florida, with special stickers included to encourage kids and applaud their healthy choices.

2-3 -year-olds can have one tablet a day, and children 4 and older can have two a day.


  • Specially designed for young children. 
  • 9mg of gentle carbonyl iron.
  • 25mg of vitamin C for healthy bones and muscles.
  • Melty tabs dissolve quickly with a tasty orange flavor.
  • Sugar-free formula.
  • 90 tablets per container.
  • Family company with FDA lab in Florida.


  • Just for kids, not adults.
  • Needs to be taken exactly as instructed to avoid iron overdose in kids.


5. Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Raw Iron

Best Iron Supplement With Vitamin C
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron (30 Servings)
$19.24 ($0.64 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 09:49 pm GMT

As the top iron supplement with vitamin C, Garden of Life Vitamin Code offers 22mg of raw whole food iron in every serving.

The vegan capsules are gentle and non-constipating, with one daily dose delivering live probiotics and enzymes that are easily absorbed in the bloodstream.

They are third-party verified as non-GMO and gluten-free, with no dairy, binders, or fillers. 

Garden of Life says its raw iron supplements support blood, heart, and eye health, as well as the reproductive and immune systems.

There are 25mg of vitamin C and 400mcg of folate in every capsule, plus the iron from brown rice chelate that’s 122% of the daily value.

These supplements also contain 310mg of raw organic fruit and vegetable blend and 60mg of raw probiotic and enzyme blend.


  • 22mg of raw whole food iron in each capsule.
  • Gentle, non-constipating formula.
  • Contains raw organic fruit and veggie blend.
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  • Good source of vitamin C with 25mg per serving.
  • Made with live probiotics and enzymes.
  • Can be taken with or without food.


  • Just 30 servings per container.
  • Adults only, not intended for children.


4. Flora – Floradix Iron & Herbs

Best Liquid Iron Supplement
Flora Floradix Iron & Herbs (50 Servings)
$35.99 ($2.12 / Fl Oz)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 08:20 pm GMT

This leading liquid iron supplement combines iron and herbs for ample energy support.

Each 17 fl. oz. bottle contains 50 10ml servings. There is 10mg of iron per serving, plus naturally added vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and B12, which help with cell function and metabolism.

The liquid supplement also includes natural fruit juices and essential micronutrients like thiamin, and riboflavin. 

Floradix is easily absorbed and non-constipating with a safe, low-dose formula suitable for children, adults, and pregnant women.

It’s specially designed for expectant or nursing mothers who want to boost their iron intake.

Those with low iron levels or amenia can also benefit from the gentle and highly soluble ferrous gluconate iron.

Adults are recommended to take 10ml twice a day, while children 6-12 can take 10ml once a day. 


  • Safe for children 6 and up and adults.
  • Gentle iron support for pregnant and nursing women.
  • Easy absorption formula to prevent upset stomach.
  • Great source of vitamin B and riboflavin.
  • Easy to swallow with natural flavor.
  • 50 servings per bottle.


  • Not as much iron as some capsule supplements – 10mg per serving.
  • Should be taken 30 minutes before meals.


3. MegaFood – Blood Builder

Best Vegan Iron Supplement
MegaFood Blood Builder (60 Servings)
$23.99 ($0.40 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 04:20 pm GMT

MegaFood Blood Builder is a trusted vegan iron supplement with 26mg of fermented iron bisglycinate per serving.

In addition to 144% of the daily value in iron, the non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients include vitamin B-12, vitamin C, folate, beetroot, and vegetable plant cellulose.

These nourishing ingredients increase red blood cell production and boost iron levels without nausea or constipation.

MegaFood says Blood Builder was shown to increase low iron levels across an 8-week clinical trial. Just one tablet daily provides big iron benefits for the immune and circulatory systems.

These tablets can be taken on an empty stomach any time of day and are made with real food and added nutrients for a healthy dose of vital nutrients.


  • 26mg of iron and 30mcg of vitamin B12.
  • 15mg of vitamin C and 680mcg of folic acid.
  • Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • Doesn’t cause nausea or constipation.
  • Can be taken on an empty stomach.
  • 60 servings per container.


  • Not keto-friendly – contains organic brown rice.


2. BeLive – Iron Gummies

Best Iron Gummies
BeLive Iron Gummies (30 Servings)
$17.17 ($0.29 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 11:39 am GMT

BeLive offers the best iron gummy supplements with 10mg of iron as ferrous fumarate for 56% of the recommended daily value.

These gummies are a great option for those who want to supplement their ion intake without a really high dosage.

They are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sand-coated for heat protection.

The natural grape flavor offers a delicious source of immune-boosting iron, combined with B-complex, vitamin C, zinc, niacin, and more minerals.

BeLive says its multivitamins are made for women, kids, and adults, with no aftertaste and a vegan-friendly formula.

The iron gummies support healthy pregnancy, enhanced athletic performance, and greater energy.

The manufacturer also guarantees each batch of gummies is checked for quality multiple times, from the initial blending and processing through to the final bottling and labeling. 


  • Good source of B-complex, vitamin C, and zinc.
  • Vegan gummies are easy to chew with no aftertaste.
  • Quality tested and sand-coated to protect against heat spoiling.
  • Easily absorbed with vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Designed for children and pregnant women.


  • Lower iron content – 10mg per two gummies.
  • Grape flavor isn’t for everyone.
  • Only 30 servings per container.


1. Nature’s Bounty – Iron

Best Iron Supplement Overall
Nature's Bounty Iron (100 Servings)
$6.49 ($0.06 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/21/2024 10:40 pm GMT

The best iron supplement comes from Nature’s Bounty, a trusted vitamin and supplement maker for nearly 50 years.

Every tablet contains 65mg of iron as dried ferrous sulfate that supports red blood cell production and helps maintain energy utilization.

The quality of these vegetable cellulose tablets is guaranteed through laboratory testing.

Nature’s Bounty iron is commonly used as a daily iron replacement and is recommended by many doctors for those with iron deficiencies.

It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with an iron content equivalent to 325mg of liquid ferrous sulfate, giving you 361% of the recommended daily value.

These mineral supplements help with general energy, focus, digestive health, and body temperature regulation.


  • 65mg of iron – dried ferrous sulfate.
  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  • Helps with red blood cell production and energy.
  • 100 tablets per container.
  • Laboratory tested.


  • Needs to be taken with food and plenty of liquids.
  • Some users report a strong vinegar smell.


FAQs About Iron Supplements

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about iron supplements: 


Q: What Is the Best Form of Iron Supplement to Take?

The best iron supplement comes in a gentle form that’s easy on the digestive system.

Ferrous sulfate is one of the most common forms of iron supplements.

It’s highly soluble and releases iron quickly for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

Iron bisglycinate is another good choice, as it’s gentle on the stomach and minimizes nausea and constipation.

Always check the supplement label to see what kind of iron it is and whether it would work well for your body.


Q: How Can I Boost My Iron Levels Quickly?

The best way to quickly boost iron levels is to take an iron supplement with the recommended daily value of iron.

Look for capsule, liquid, or gummy supplements to start increasing your iron levels within a few weeks.

You may also want to consider adding more iron-rich foods to your diet if possible, such as red meat, spinach, beans, dried fruit, and peas.


Q: What Do Iron Supplements Help With?

Iron supplements are used to boost muscle metabolism and improve blood cell production.

Iron capsules or liquid supplements can treat iron deficiency and reverse the impacts of low iron levels for people with anemia.

They are preferred over diet changes due to the faster results, especially for those who cannot maintain healthy iron status through food intake alone.

This may include young children, pregnant women, and people with blood disorders.


Q: What Are the Side Effects of Too Much Iron?

Eating foods rich in iron or taking daily supplements is unlikely to lead to iron poisoning, as long as it’s all done in moderation.

In addition to stomach cramping and vomiting, severe iron overdoses can impact the liver, heart, pancreas, and other organs.

Too much iron may result in diabetes, heart problems, and liver disease.

It’s important to see a doctor if you are concerned and make sure you take iron supplements only as directed.


Q: Is It Ok to Take an Iron Supplement Every Day?

Yes, it is safe to take an iron supplement every day so long as you follow the recommended guidelines.

If you are taking a high-dosage supplement with more than the daily value, just be aware of the symptoms of iron toxicity.

Ingesting too much iron can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, with more serious side effects if medical treatment is delayed. 


Q: Are Iron Supplements a Good Idea?

Iron supplements are a good idea for muscle building and improving overall health through increased red blood cell production and immune system function.

If you have low iron levels or iron deficiency anemia, then it’s smart to incorporate iron supplements into your daily routine.


Q: Are Iron Supplements Bad for You?

Iron supplements are not bad for you as long as you take them as recommended.

There is the risk of overconsumption which could lead to an upset stomach, irritated gut, constipation, abdominal pain, fainting, vomiting, and bleeding in severe cases.

Excessive iron consumption is most likely to cause problems in high doses on an empty stomach.

Plus, you want a healthy balance of iron because too much can have a negative impact on zinc absorption.


Q: Should Adults Take Iron Supplements?

Yes, it’s a good idea for adults to take iron supplements, especially if they don’t eat iron-rich foods every day.

Adults should have between 8-18mg of iron daily, although many supplements offer more than the daily value in just one serving.

Iron supplements can help adults get more energy, boost hemoglobin, and improve concentration.


Q: How Long Does It Take To Get Iron Levels Up?

Everyone is different, and while most people start to feel better after taking iron supplements for a few weeks, it’s best to continue taking iron for several months to build up levels consistently.

It may take up to six months of iron supplement treatment before iron levels reach normal levels again. 


Q: How Quickly Do Iron Tablets Work?

Most people start to notice a difference within 1-2 weeks of taking iron tablets. By 3-4 weeks, many iron supplement users report a considerable increase in energy and concentration levels.

If you have iron deficiency anemia and noticeable symptoms like fatigue and dizziness, you may see this discomfort start to ease within a few days of starting iron tablets.

Iron is a good mineral that supports overall health, and those who follow a routine supplement schedule often start feeling more healthy overall soon after taking them.

The more nutrients like iron in your diet, the better. 


Q: When Is the Best Time to Take Iron?

Iron can be taken any time of day, whether it’s a pre-workout or a nighttime ritual. Unlike other dietary supplements, iron is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach.

As long as it doesn’t make your stomach upset, you can take iron supplements to start the day, or you can have them in the afternoon or evening if that works better for you.

Healthcare professionals recommend separating milk and antacids from iron supplements, so don’t take them at the same time.

Having iron and milk too close together can minimize the amount of iron the body can absorb.

Some people find the best results come from dividing up their dose, with half their iron intake in the morning and the other half at night.

When taken with a bit of food, iron is quickly absorbed to deliver the best nutrient results.


Q: How Many MG of Iron Is Safe?

You should always follow the recommended daily amounts of iron, which is 8mg for adult males and 18mg for adult women aged 19-50.

Females 51 and over need less iron, around 8mg per day. Children need between 7 and 11mg per day, depending on their age.

Most iron supplements offer the full daily amount or even more, so it’s important to balance your supplement intake with your food diet.

If you eat a lot of foods high in iron and also take daily supplements, you just need to be careful to avoid excessive iron consumption.

When in doubt, check with your doctor.


Q: Is 65 MG of Iron a Day Too Much?

65mg of iron in a day is too much and could cause health issues. The recommended dietary allowances are 8mg for men and 18mg for women under 50.

Women 51 years and older should have 8mg of iron a day. Excessive iron consumption irritates the stomach and may cause bleeding and even liver damage in severe cases.

If you experience symptoms of excessive iron, it’s important to see a doctor right away.


Q: Does Taking Iron Cause Weight Gain?

Taking iron within the recommended daily values should not cause weight gain, although it depends on several other factors.

Some people may gain weight while taking iron if they are eating more and exercising less, or if there are other influencing factors involved.

If you are concerned about weight gain or weight loss while taking iron, you should see your doctor.


Q: Do Iron Pills Really Work?

When taken as recommended, iron pills can make a big difference to your overall health.

Most iron capsules offer the full recommended daily value, if not more, giving you all the benefits of iron to support energy, focus, and immune system function.

Many doctors recommend iron pills to treat iron deficiency anemia, which affects 5 million people in the U.S. alone.

Iron pills can boost low iron levels and produce faster results compared to traditional diet interventions.


Q: Which Iron Supplement to Choose?

Choosing an iron supplement depends on how much iron you need and how you prefer to take your supplements.

If you already eat a lot of meat and leafy greens that are rich in iron, you don’t necessarily need a high dosage in your daily supplement.

If you are one of 10 million Americans with an iron deficiency, a supplement with the total recommended daily dose may be your best choice.

There are capsules, powder, and gummy forms, so you can pick the easiest way to take your supplements and get the full health benefits.



Iron is an important mineral found in hemoglobin and myoglobin, which help carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body to all the tissues and muscles. 

You need iron for physical growth, hormone synthesis, and brain cell development.

Red meat, poultry, pork, seafood, beans, peas, and spinach are naturally rich in iron, but oftentimes people take supplements if they need more iron or don’t eat enough of those foods.

If you want to boost your iron intake with capsules, powder, or gummies, there are plenty of quality supplements in our roundup to choose from.

Best Iron Supplement Overall
Nature's Bounty Iron (100 Servings)
$6.49 ($0.06 / Count)
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/21/2024 10:40 pm GMT

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best iron supplements:

  1. Nature’s Bounty – Iron (Best Iron Supplement Overall)
  2. BeLive – Iron Gummies (Best Iron Gummies)
  3. MegaFood – Blood Builder (Best Vegan Iron Supplement)
  4. Flora – Floradix Iron & Herbs (Best Liquid Iron Supplement)
  5. Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Raw Iron (Best Iron Supplement With Vitamin C)
  6. Renzo’s – Iron Strong (Best Iron Supplement For Kids)
  7. NOW Foods – Iron (Best Vegetarian Iron Supplement)
  8. New Chapter – Iron Complex (Best Organic Iron Supplement)
  9. Thorne Research – Iron Bisglycinate (Best Iron Capsules)
  10. Solgar – Gentle Iron (Best Value Iron Supplement)

What’s your favorite iron supplement? Leave a comment below. 

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