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The 10 Best Caffeine Pills to Buy




The Best Caffeine Pills to Buy

Which are the best caffeine pills?

If you’re looking for a natural stimulant to top up your energy levels, or to increase mental performance, then when used correctly, caffeine is by far one of your best options.

But, drinking several cups of coffee or energy drinks every day can take its toll on your body and bank balance.

Enter caffeine supplements. These little beauties provide all the benefits of coffee and energy drinks, without the adverse side effects, in a far more convenient form. 

So, to make things easy for you, we’ve rounded up the best caffeine pills for energy, so all you need to do is choose your favorite, follow the recommended serving guidelines, and start feeling more energized and focused. 

Here are the 10 best caffeine pills to buy:


The 10 Best Caffeine Pills to Buy

The list of caffeine pills and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various web sources.

These are the top 10 caffeine supplements:


10. ValuMeds – Caffeine Pills

ValuMeds Caffeine Pills (200mg) Fast-Acting Alertness Supplement | Safe, Effective Energy Boost | Restore Clarity, Focus at Home, Work, School | 250 Tablets
  • Fast-Acting Pick Me Up – Offering the same caffeine...
  • Focused Clarity & Alertness – Similar to maximum...
  • Safe, All-Day Support – These caffeine pills for...

ValuMeds caffeine pills offer a fast-acting energy boost as well as increased focus and clarity. 

Each capsule contains 200mg of pure caffeine and is designed to provide your body with a gentle boost of energy without the jitters.

You’ll receive 250 soft, easy-to-swallow pills per bottle, which are NON-GMO, gluten, and sugar-free.

You can expect to gain the same amount of energy from one pill as you would from a single cup of coffee.

ValuMeds recommends taking one caffeine pill no more than once every three to four hours for best results. 


9. Mutant – Mutant Caffeine

Mutant Caffeine - Pure, Straightforward Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine Pills, Restore Mental Alertness or Wakefulness When Fatigued, 240 Tablets Per Bottle
  • PURE, STRAIGHTFORWARD CAFFEINE | You won’t find any...
  • STRENGTH AND POWER | Caffeine supplements have been...
  • SPRINTERS IMPROVED PERFORMANCE | By taking a caffeine...

Mutant Caffeine is a straightforward pharmaceutical grade caffeine pill designed to restore your mental alertness and energy when feeling low. 

Inside the bottle, you’ll receive 240 pills/40 servings, each containing 200mg of pure caffeine.

Mutant suggests that by supplementing caffeine pills, studies have shown that weightlifters, sprinters, and other strength athletes have increased performance by up to 20%. 

To get the most bang for your buck, Mutant recommends taking one caffeine pill per day alongside a regular intake of fluids.


8. ALLMAX Nutrition – Caffeine 

ALLMAX Nutrition Caffeine 200 mg, 100 tablets
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but...

If you’re looking to energize your workouts and restore mental clarity, then ALLMAX Nutrition caffeine pills might do the trick. 

You’ll receive 100 pills per bottle, which provides you with one serving per day if you follow the brand’s recommended serving guidelines. 

Each pill contains 200mg of pure caffeine, and ALLMAX Nutrition suggests that supplementing with caffeine will temporarily restore mental alertness in times of fatigue or drowsiness. 

Although the brand says one pill per serving, they also state that you can take up to five pills, or 1000mg of caffeine, within 24 hours. 


7. Kaged Muscle – Purcaf Caffeine

Kaged Muscle, PurCaf Organic Caffeine Capsules, Energy Boost, No Jitters, 90% Pure Caffeine, 100 Caffeine Pills
  • POWERFUL ENERGY BOOST – Kaged Muscle PurCaf is 90%...
  • ORGANIC SOURCE OF CAFFEINE – Each serving of PurCaf...
  • VERSATILE– PurCaf is designed for athletes of all...

Purcaf Caffeine is a jitter-free, naturally sourced supplement designed to increase energy and focus.

Each bottle contains 100 caffeine pills, all providing you with 200mg of pure caffeine. 

The pills are third-party tested, certified banned substance-free, and do not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Kaged Muscle recommends taking one pill approximately 30 – 45 minutes before working out for maximum results. 

Purcaf is designed for athletes of all training levels.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and convenient pick-me-up before your workout, then consider giving Purcaf a go. 


6. VALI – Time Release Caffeine Pills

Time Release 100mg Caffeine Pills - 120 Veggie Capsules Microencapsulated for Extended Energy. No Crash Controlled Delivery Brain Booster Supplement for Sustained Mental Performance, Focus & Clarity
  • Health, Happiness, & Performance - We started VALI...
  • Energy That Lasts For Hours - VALI Time Release...
  • Clean & Transparent Formula - Simply a vegetarian...

If you’re looking for less of an immediate boost of energy, and more of a controlled release, then VALI’s time-release caffeine pills could be a great option for you. 

They’re made with advanced micro-encapsulation ultra-premium trademarked VitaShure Caffeine SR, which means the formula is released into your body slowly over time. 

Each bottle comes with 120 pills/servings, all of which contain 100mg of caffeine and are free from artificial additives. 

VALI recommends taking one capsule as needed and a maximum of four capsules in 24 hours for best results. 


5. Natrol – High Caffeine

Natrol High Caffeine Tablets, Energy Support, Helps Enhance Endurance and Mental Focus, Caffeine Supplement, Fatigue, Pre-Workout, Extra Strength, 200mg, 100 Count
  • HELPS BOOST ENERGY: Natrol High Caffeine delivers a...
  • DELAYS FATIGUE: helps to stimulate the central nervous...
  • PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT: A caffeine surge can provide...

High Caffeine is formulated to enhance endurance and mental focus while kickstarting energy production. 

Per bottle, you’ll receive 100 pills containing 200mg of caffeine each.  

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive include elevated alertness, sharper reaction times, increased endurance, and delayed fatigue.

If used as a pre-workout, it’s common to experience a surge of energy, increased muscle pumps and vascularity, and a greater awareness of your surroundings. 

Natrol recommends taking one pill up to three times daily and allowing three to four hours between each serving. 


4. Bulk Supplements – Caffeine Capsules

Bulksupplements Caffeine Capsules (200 mg) (300 Gelatin Capsules)
  • Clean & pure powder. No fillers.
  • 200 mg per serving
  • Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity

Bulk Supplements caffeine capsules contain 200mg of pure caffeine and are 100% free from artificial fillers.

They’re also free from sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, and gluten and are lab tested for verification and guaranteed purity.

You can expect to see a temporary boost in energy, concentration, and endurance, especially if you use them before a workout or when you need to get your head down and focus. 

Bulk Supplements recommends taking one capsule with water every four hours and no more than three capsules per day.


3. Nutricost – Caffeine Pills

Nutricost Caffeine Pills, 200mg Per Serving (250 Caps)
  • 200mg of Caffeine Per Capsule
  • Get Caffeine Without the Added Sugar or Calories Found...
  • 1 Serving: 1 Capsule

Nutricost’s Non-GMO, gluten-free caffeine pills offer 200mg of pure caffeine per serving. 

You’ll receive 250 servings per bottle if you follow Nutricost’s recommended serving guidelines, which have been made in a GMP compliant and FDA registered facility. 

The pills are zero-calorie and sugar-free and can be opened and added to your favorite beverage if you’d prefer not to take them in their current form. 

Nutricost recommends taking one capsule up to twice a day with 8-12oz of water and not exceeding their recommended dosage.


2. ProLab – Caffeine Tablets 

Prolab Caffeine Tablets 100 Count (Pack of 1)
  • IMPROVE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FOCUS: Caffeine stimulates...
  • QUICK ENERGY IN < 15 MINUTES: Caffeine can be used by...

ProLab’s calorie-free caffeine tablets provide your body with increased energy and focus without negative side effects like jitters or anxiety. 

Inside each bottle, you’ll receive 100 pills/servings containing 200mg of pure caffeine. 

As caffeine has been shown to stimulate the central nervous system to improve mental and physical performance, you can expect to see increases in endurance and mental focus in as little as 15 minutes by using caffeine pills. 

ProLab suggests taking one tablet up to three times daily, allowing three to four hours between each serving.


1. The Genius Brand – Genius Caffeine

Genius Caffeine, Extended Release Microencapsulated Caffeine Pills, All Natural Non-Crash Sustained Energy & Focus Supplement, Preworkout & Nootropic Brain Booster For Men & Women,100 Count
  • SMART CAFFEINE - Genius Caffeine offers sustained...
  • CLEAN & SUSTAINED ENERGY - Regular caffeine is absorbed...
  • BURN CALORIES & SUPPORT WEIGHT LOSS - Caffeine promotes...

Genius Caffeine is a micro-encapsulated, all-natural caffeine supplement designed to be used as a nootropic or pre-workout for men and women. 

Each caffeine pill provides you with sustained energy through a controlled release of micro-encapsulation techniques. 

Inside each tub, you can expect to receive 100 pills/servings containing 167mg of micro-encapsulated ER caffeine each. 

Aside from the main benefits of using caffeine pills, you can also expect to burn more calories and suppress your appetite for prolonged periods, as caffeine promotes thermogenesis.

The Genius Brand recommends taking one capsule three times a day with a meal for best results.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best caffeine pills to buy.

We’re still relative newcomers to caffeine pills and have only just recently started experimenting with them. 

But, of the ones we’ve tried, our personal favorite is Genius Caffeine as it provides a sustained release of energy throughout the day and helps with mental focus. 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best caffeine supplements:

  1. The Genius Brand – Genius Caffeine
  2. ProLab – Caffeine Tablets
  3. Nutricost – Caffeine Pills
  4. Bulk Supplements – Caffeine Capsules
  5. Natrol – High Caffeine
  6. VALI- Time Release Caffeine Pills
  7. Kaged Muscle – PureCaf Caffeine
  8. ALLMAX Nutrition – Caffeine
  9. Mutant – Mutant Caffeine
  10. ValuMeds – Caffeine Pills

What are your favorite caffeine pills for energy? Leave a comment below.

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