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USN Muscle Fuel Mass Review




USN Muscle Fuel Mass is a popular weight gaining formula that was carefully designed by the fitness experts at USN for individuals who want their muscle performance improved and for those who aim for optimum health while gaining body mass.

This product contains high amounts of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and high quality proteins, and other necessary nutrients specialized for hard gainers and athletes.

Compared to other meal replacement formulas, the Muscle Fuel Mass weight gainer from USN is low in sugar content and provides a variety of amino acids that are anti-catabolic.

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USN Muscle Fuel Mass offers a consistent carb to protein ratio that helps boost your calorie intake therefore providing your body the necessary fuel it requires for your training.

It contains the right amount of glutamic acid that aids in accelerating muscle recovery after a vigorous weight exercise.

This product comes in a formula of instant creamy shake that tastes great and can be taken any time of the day.



USN Muscle Fuel Mass has a few minor disadvantages. This formula tends to clump and lump, and does not mix well even after blending or shaking.

However, if it is your first time using a supplement, you are not going to notice it. Apart from that, it is a bit pricey as compared with other muscle fuel mass products.



USN Muscle Fuel Mass Weight Gainer is a must-have meal replacement formula if you want to improve your endurance training, and muscle performance.

It’s low-sugar composition makes it ideal for people who are watching their glycemic index. USN Muscle Fuel Mass may be a bit expensive, but as you can see, it does a good job for muscle gain.

Therefore, we may say that it is considerably worth the price.

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