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USN Hyperbolic Mass




If you are serious about gaining body mass and weight, you should choose a product that tastes great, has all the nutrients you need, and is well worth the price. The USN Hyperbolic Mass weight gainer claims to have all these, and more. Let’s take a closer look and see if this weight gainer actually lives up to its promise.

The Good

This product is highly popular among fitness enthusiasts and body builders because of its unique formulation. The right combination of carbohydrates and protein (isolate blend and whey concentrate) plus creatine mono, Avena Sativa (test elevator) BCAAs, di-creatine malate, Glycine, Taurine, Glutamine, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals makes this weight gainer a hard-punching knockout.

You get real value out of every USN Hyperbolic Mass tub because you won’t need to spend separately for BCAAs, creatine, HMB etc., because you get all these and more in one serving. This way, you won’t have to worry if you are getting the right supplement, and just focus on your training. You will find that with the USN Anabolic, your energy is higher than usual, and your recovery times are faster.

supplement facts

There are 3 flavours to choose from: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. You’d probably find vanilla too plain and more like how a supplement really tastes like, but the strawberry tastes surprisingly good. If you want to have a thinner shake, just mix a little bit more water than usual. If you want to take on a lot more bulk, then you can dilute it with milk instead. Just make sure that you use non-fat milk.

One more thing we like about this product is the guaranteed freshness in every tub. Because the container is larger than most, your supplement is packed in 3 sealed bags of 2kg each. This means that you can open 1 bag at a time and never worry about spoiling the rest of the stuff. You can just carry one bag with you if you need to bring some, and leave the other bags at home for convenience.

The Not So Good

Aside from the smellier flatulence while taking this product, there are no noticeable disadvantages to using USN Hyperbolic Mass.

The Verdict

The pros say it all. If you are looking for a solid weight gainer that packs all the right stuff, then the USN Hyperbolic Mass is the right one for you.

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