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USN Hardcore Whey GH




Hardcore Whey GH is a high quality whey protein that makes a huge leap to set a new benchmark in the health and fitness industry. It helps build sustainable gains in muscle quality and strength. The need for hardcore muscle for maximum growth, quick strength gains and fast recovery requires the support of more than just your regular supplement. This product is a result of a comprehensive research on amino acid and protein uptake and use.

It contains whey protein isolate and concentrate blend, milk protein concentrate, agglomerated maltodextrin, dextrose monohydrate, soy protein isolate, L-Glycine, Cocoa powder, Taurine, Creatine monohydrate, CLA powder, Magnesium glycinate, Zinc bisglycinate and red beef powder in the Strawberry variant only. The powerful formula provides the most extensive, potent pre-workout and after workout protein complex that could result in fast increase in dense, lean and strong muscle.

For optimum mass gains, take one serving or scoop at least thirty to forty-five minutes before working out and then a second double serving of at two scoops right after a workout. For non-training days, take double serving on an empty stomach thirty minutes before breakfast and then a second serving between lunch and dinner.


  • Reduces fatigue
  • Promotes fast recovery
  • Helps in normal levels of serum testosterone
  • Supports growth of lean muscle
  • Fast glycogen, electrolyte and replacement of amino acid


  • Excessive intake could cause adverse reactions
  • Contains high levels of Creatine and free-form amino acids could cause gastric discomfort


Athletes and bodybuilders or those who are on a fast muscle gain plan should use USN Harcore Whey GH Protein. Hardcore Whey GH is a benchmark-setting product that is born from years of intensive research on amino acid and protein uptake and use. The product has been developed to ensure that the body takes advantage of efficient transport of nutrients that builds muscles while keeping the individual lean. This is, by far, among the best options any athlete and fitness enthusiast can choose for quick muscle building and mass gain.

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