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USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean Review




USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean is one of the latest and most advanced formulas for reducing body fat. It not only helps you get rid of the annoying extra fat you have, but also maintains lean muscle tissues perfectly.

Apart from being absolutely delicious, this supplement is low-KJ, low-GI meal replacement formula that offers you a complete meal that is nutritious as well as healthy. It comes with all the important nutrients in precise quantities in order to ensure your health in addition to long-lasting weight loss.

The Lean System supplement contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and a considerably high level of Calcium (bio-available).

The inclusion of all these important ingredients assists your weight loss regime through a number of effective mechanisms.

Unlike other weight-loss supplements available on the market, USN Lean System doesn’t utilize central nervous system stimulation for weight loss. In order to increase your satiety levels, the formula contains high fiber content.

Reduction in hunger is in fact the most essential part of a weight loss process, and it is promoted by this supplement through the inclusion of 25 grams of protein from a variety of sources that helps triggering the natural hormone for weight loss – PYY.

These protein contents also help your body in improving protein synthesis and regulating the levels of blood sugar in order to reduce cravings.



  • It contains high levels of fiber
  • It contains active ingredients that are essential for satiety
  • The supplement is formulated with high protein and mineral level that regulates your sugar levels
  • Maintains the lean muscle tissues while reducing your body fat
  • It tastes delicious



  • Bad mixability



The best thing about UNS Diet Fuel Ultra Lean Protein is that every serving contains only 200 calories, which is perfect for those who are tired of that extra fat on their body. Grab your supplement today, and start your journey towards an excellent-looking, healthy body!

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