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Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review




Universal Nutrition Real Gains weight gainer is an incredibly potent mass-cultivating supplement that was formulated with you, an athletic, hardcore person, in mind.

It has more of the substances your body needs and less of the ones it doesn’t: more protein, more taste, more calories, more fiber, more good fats and less sugar. The ideal way to do it is to take large amount of protein.

This is where this amazing supplement comes in. Every scoop if this highly effective formula is packed with protein. The weight gainer is formulated using the finest micellar casein and whey protein available.

The Real Gains Protein Complex comes with superior amino acid outline. Its mixability is amazing, since you can easily mix it into liquid without using blender.

Adequate amount of complex carbohydrates are also included in each serving as they are an important part of fueling and building muscle growth.

These carbohydrates are an amazing energy source that supports your hardcore weight training. It also provides you with inulin that is a unique dietary fiber that helps your digestive system in digesting carbs, fats, and protein you must have in order to get big.

Flaxseed and MCT are oils are also included to assist hormone production. It not only helps you with cell membrane growth and protection, but also fulfils daily nutritional requirements. This formula is destined to be utilized in combination with balanced diet and exercise.


Pros and Cons

This formula is easily digestible that makes it pretty popular among athletes and weight gainers. With rick milkshake taste, it is very easy to swallow. Besides being highly nutritional, it is a rich source of amino acids.

It might not be good for someone who is allergic to milk or lactose.



Whether you are a hard trainer or an athlete, it is an ideal weight gainer for you!

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