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The Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes For Maximum Results?




When it comes to the use of protein shakes and supplements, one of the most common questions is: what is the best time to drink protein shakes for maximum results? – The answer is, it depends. Of course you want to include protein prior to and directly after your workouts, but the type, amount, and source, will vary depending on the individual and will depend on the goals that they are trying to attain, when they choose to use any source of protein as a part of their diet.

If the source you are using is whey, it is a good idea to consume directly after your workout. Not only will it help in the healing process, whey is also going to be consumed by the body, in highest concentrations, when the muscles are recovering. This will also deliver much needed calories to your system, directly after you have worked out, which is important for developing muscle mass, and putting on mass in general.

Early Morning

A suggested time to include protein shakes in to the diet is as a breakfast meal replacement. In doing this, you will not only provide the body fuel early on in the day, if you workout early in the day, it is the best way to give your body the essentials it needs to get through the workout. Having sufficient protein in your system is going to give you more energy to complete a workout, and it is going to help you get through a tough workout. Due to the fact that you have just slept for a period of 6 to 8 hours, you also need sufficient fuel to get you through the day, even if you do not workout early on in the day; so, protein shakes for breakfast, are a great choice to consider, if you want to see optimal results.

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Between Meals

Another option for use of protein shakes, is to use them as snacks, or calorie blocks, to help you reach a desired caloric intake for the day, and to allow you to get sufficient fuel sources at different times of the day. Many will use the shake directly after workouts, in between meals, or at snack time; it truly depends on what you do, how your day looks, when you workout, what you eat, and other factors should be weighed in as well, to determine the best time of the day to use shakes.

There are so many different scenarios out there, and different opinions on when to use protein shakes, whether or not to use them, how often to use them, and so on. So, it is really up to you, and how your day plays itself out. You have to remember it depends on you. In order to build mass, and see a significant change, you need protein, but you have to increase mass and consumption. So, regardless of when you ultimately choose to use it, how much might be the question you want answered instead of when to take it.

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