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Sci-MX Mass System Review




Sci-MX Mass System weight gainer is a supplement that can significantly accelerate muscle bulk and size when incorporated with your heavy weight-training routine.

It contains a powerful scientific formulation consisting of high calories, proteins, and the necessary carbohydrates to help you gain the right muscle mass and bulk.

Not only that, Mass System preserves your muscle tissue and improves recovery time post-workout, especially if you are the type that works out about 8 hours each week.

To enhance protein absorption, Mass System contains the digestive enzyme package OptiZyme, to complete the mass-gain formula.

On top of that, you don’t have to suffer vile tasting formula when building muscles because Mass System is available in different tasty flavors that you can easily mix with water to have that deliciously tasting and healthy shake.


Who Benefits From Mass System?

Anyone who wish to obtain high calorie mass can benefit from this weight supplement.

Mass System is perfect for bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters, wrestlers, boxers, and other power athletes.

If you are a hard gainer and you can’t seem to pack up muscle mass due to your high speed metabolism, then you don’t need to struggle any longer because of Mass System.


The Pros

  • Quick muscle mass gain
  • Boosts overall energy, increases strength
  • Maintains muscle mass for heavy cardiovascular trainers
  • Contains a unique blend of proteins
  • Contains the amino acid L-glutamine that plays an important role in muscle repair


The Cons

There’s not much that can be said negatively about Sci-MX Mass System except that the dosing should be 2-3 times a day. It can be cumbersome to prepare the shake thirty seconds each time for three times daily. But this is just for the benefit of weight gain after all.


The Verdict

Overall, Sci-MX Mass System is just the right supplement that works for hard gainers. It tastes good, is relatively affordable and it is scientifically proven to be healthy and effective.

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