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Ronnie Coleman Pro-Antium Review




Ronnie Coleman is undoubtedly the symbol of success.

There has been no bodybuilder who could match his natural genetics, strength and success. After all, he has been Mr. Olympia eight times. He has recently released a premium quality supplement that is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes.

Pro-Antium is especially designed for offering the highest quality of protein content. The 2.15 kilograms of supplements contains the most concentrated levels of protein that are ideal for boosting muscle strength as well as mass.

It offers about 29 grams of protein per serving that might seem a little extra than most of the standard protein formulas. However, Ronnie is definitely aware do the fact that you are not looking for typical results, and he has launched this supplement to cater your exact needs.

Pro-Antium contains betaine that is a natural mix derived from beets.

It is, in fact, the highlight of this supplement. According to majority of the studies related to muscular power, betaine is a very essential component of muscle-building supplements.

It not only helps your gain muscular power, but also endurance capacity. In other words, the regular usage of this compound for three weeks will enable you to work out more explosively, longer and with considerably less fatigue.


Highlights of the Formula

  • It provides 29 grams of protein for every serving
  • It offers 2.5 grams of betaine for every serving
  • You will get 5 grams of creatine per serve
  • Incredibly easy to mix
  • It tastes great, unlike majority of the other muscle-gain formulas
  • It is perfect for bodybuilders, but if you are an athlete looking for supplements to boost your strength and endurance, you might need more carbs.
  • It is a highly-effective blend of proteins having varied absorption rates for continued supply and release.



The only weak point this formula has is its lack of adequate flavors.



It is ideal for passionate bodybuilders!

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