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Mutant Mass Review




Mutant Mass is by far the top selling weight gainer formula on the market today. It is designed to help individuals who want to develop their strength and muscle size.

Because it has a perfect ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, it can help you increase your lean muscle mass.

Each serving of Mutant Mass is packed with a potent amount of anabolic macro nutrients, which can upsurge natural energy and improve your health.

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Mutant Mass has a practically high fat and carbohydrate percentage; these are clean carbohydrates and fats that are carefully selected and combined with MCT, CLA, EFA oil that are necessary for the calories and energy needed by hard gainers for developing muscle strength whilst reducing body fat.

This product makes a tasty shake that you can either mix in a blender or shaker. It will satisfy your appetite, without even resulting to uncomfortable bloating that other weight gainer products can do.



Just like any other products out there, Mutant Mass Weight Gainer also has a few downsides. It is true that this product makes a tasty shake, but if you try to mix it with a blender or a glass shaker, it will not give you a pleasant consistency.

You will see those tiny bits after shaking it for several times. A blender may be a better option for this. Apart from that, Mutant Mass is way too hard on the stomach.

If it is your first time using a product like this, it will take some time for your stomach to adjust.

Adding a little more milk in it might help solve the problem.



Mutant Mass is an effective weight gainer that can help in developing your muscle strength while decreasing body fat. It is a great product that we highly recommend for the use of hard gainers and body builders who are looking for a “good tasting” way to help their muscles grow.

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