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Musclepharm Combat Powder Review




Individuals who train really hard need a superior, highly effective protein source to fulfill their energy requirements. In order to ensure suitable protein utilization and muscle growth, Musclepharm has come up with a formula that offers everything a hardcore trainer requires. It comes with a wide variety of protein blends that are easily digestible.

Musclepharm Combat Powder is ideal for anti-catabolic purposes. It comes with 24 grams of high-quality protein per scoop. Using a single scoop, the product offers about 52 servings that is, in fact, much better than most of the other protein powders.

When it comes to mixability of the formula, it mixes surprisingly well. You don’t necessarily have to use a blender, but if you do, the supplement will mix in no time. Some users have reported clumping, but it is normal with protein supplements that come in powdered form.


Combat Protein Powder includes whey protein isolated that is highly concentrated variety of whey. It also contains whey protein that is partially hydrogenated through some modern, effective techniques. Moreover, it features whey protein concentrate that not only helps you build muscle, but also maintain your overall health. This highly-effective whey complex, in combination with egg albumen and caseins, is an extra-ordinary combination for protein absorption.


Musclepharm Combat Protein Powder builds muscle pretty rapidly. You don’t have to wait for a very long time to witness the results, which makes it an excellent choice for athletes. It tastes amazing and adds strength to your muscles.


It might sometimes be tough to mix this formula in cold water/liquids. Price is a little higher than other supplements, but it is totally worth your money.


If you think you can handle a little gas it might cause, Musclepharm Combat is perfect for you, especially when you want to be buff in no time!

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