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Kinetica Oat Gain




Kinetica Oat Gain is one of the most advanced and effective body weight gainer supplement available on the market today. It has the most potent muscle developing ingredients and is suited for people who want to increase their lean mass more rapidly. Kinetica contains 78.4g of ground oats combined with Maltodextrin (source of carbohydrate) and 46.7g Biotien blend of proteins. It is formulated for serious athletes to help decrease their muscle catabolism and support the fast growth of lean muscle after a strenuous training.


Unlike other weight gainer products, Kinetica Oat Gain has virgin coconut oil content, which has a variety of medium chain triglycerides absorbed faster by our body, and are more significant than longer chains. The nutritional contents of this product include a vital list of vitamins that can help boost digestion. Kinetica Oat Gain is not packed with an excessive amount of calories therefore giving you the benefit of un-bloated feeling. Unlike other weight gainers, this one has no added sugar and it comes in different flavors that will suit your taste.

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There are a couple of reasons why you should think twice before buying Kinetica Oat Gain. First and foremost is the price, it is a bit expensive. There may be some alternative products that are cheaper for the same nutritional value and benefits. However, if you are looking for a natural weight gainer that has the numerous benefits of virgin coconut oil, then this product is your best bet.


Generally, Kinetica Oat Gain is really a high quality weight gainer that we could more consider as an actual food rather than a supplement for sports. This is highly recommended for people looking for a moderate amount of clean and nutritious calories while at the same time wanting to gain lean mass fast.

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