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How Does Creatine Monohydrate Work? Facts and Fiction




If you choose to include creatine monohydrate in to your diet, it is important that you know fact from fiction, and that you know the real benefits that you can derive from using these products. Due to the fact that there are so many issues with use of supplements, and since there are so many mixed reviews on the debate between benefit and danger, it is important to know what you should use, and what to avoid; these are some of the facts vs. fiction that you have to keep in mind, if you are planning on using these supplements.

The Myths

There are several myths in relation to use and consumption of creatine monohydrate. Some of these myths include the following:

  • The more creatine you take, the better and the greater the results you can expect to see.
  • In order to see results, creatine loading is an essential part of your regimen.
  • Creatine will harm your kidneys and liver.
  • Excessive water retention is a cause of ingesting creatine.
  • Creatine causes cramping.

These are some of the many myths, or expound upon truths that are floating around out there, when it comes to the use and consumption of creatine monohydrate. As a body builder, if you know what to use, if you choose the right supplement, and if you take the time to learn about the supplement, there are not many dangers you will run in to, when you choose to use this as a part of your diet.

capsuleTruths, and What to Believe

There are misconstrued facts out there, and you have to know where to turn for truth in relation to this supplement; some of the stats you can believe include:

  • Creatine loading is not essential to see the results; within 24 hours of consumption, about 4.6% is exerted from the system, so even if you are not loading, you are going to see optimal results.
  • Loading is not mandatory, and in fact many studies have shown that minimal amounts of consumption, have great results when used in conjunction with other supplements and proper diet.
  • Although many claim that cramping is a result of using creatine, there is no research and there are no clinical studies backing these findings.
  • Knowing what the truths are, versus what the myths, will help you decide whether or not to use this product, but you will learn that there are not many harms, and many of the stats that are thrown around, are simply based on perception and conjecture, as opposed to clinical research and studies that have been conducted.

Regardless of what your stance is on the use of creatine monohydrate as a part of your diet and body building regimen, these are a few truths and myths to keep in mind. Knowing what is fact versus perception and made up stats, will help you choose the best supplements for use, help you dispel the myths, and allow you to see optimal results, when you do choose to include this and other supplements in the diet.

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