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Applied Nutrition Critical Mass Review




Are you trying to gain muscle strength and size in no time?

You don’t need to look any further!

Critical Mass has been especially formulated for individuals who find it difficult to gain muscle mass. It offers a calorie dense recipe that includes high levels of carbohydrate and protein in each serving.

This is to guarantee that your budding muscles receive all the vital nutrients they require for proper development and recovery.

This amazing weight gain formula comes with 52 grams of finest biological value protein for each serving, which will provide the essential building blocks for your muscles tissues.

Applied Nutrition Critical Mass contains an accurate ration of fast acting, complex carbohydrates. Consuming adequate carbohydrates is highly important, since it prevents you from losing your muscle tissue.

These unique properties make this formula ideal for all those people who need a high carbohydrate meal after an aggressive training session.

supplement facts

High molecular Waxy Maize Starch is one of the most important complex carbohydrates contained within Critical Mass.

It has the ability to top off the glycogen stores of your body much faster as compared to conventional carbohydrate sources. This is because WMS is capable of bypassing your stomach and go to your intestines for instant absorption.

Critical Mass also includes a unique blend of important fatty acids, CLA and Medium Chain Triglycerides. This is to give you body what it needs for recovering from intense physical training.



  • Incredible gainer
  • Considerably cheap
  • Tastes pretty good
  • Good consistency
  • Awesome blend of carbs, protein and Creatine



  • Sometimes a little clumpy



It is a high-quality product when used properly with an excellent diet.

It is highly recommended to those who exercise regularly and find it difficult to put on weight and gain muscle. Moreover, it provides you with extra amino acids used for muscle repair.

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