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4 Different Types of Protein Powder and Their Rate of Digestion




Depending on the sources of protein you use, how often and how much you consume, and what your end results and goals are, there are quite a few ways to look at the benefit of different sources, and what they are going to provide to you. When choosing protein sources, you want those that result in the most absorption, below you will find information about 4 common types of protein and their absorption time.


whey products

Possibly the most highly used supplement, whey is a great source for bodybuilding and weight loss. The body immediately begins to absorb this source, and will absorb anywhere from 8 to 10 grams per hour. Another benefit is the fact that whey has all essential amino acids that the body requires, making it a top choice when considering the best protein sources.


Absorption time: 30 minutes – 1 hour


casein products

A second option, a dairy based protein, is casein. This is commonly used as it is low in calories, and also contains a high amount of protein; however, in comparison to whey, you are only going to absorb about 5 grams per hour, following consumption of this supplement. This means if you take it pre workout, you are working with less of a protein source, and giving the body less fuel; but, the lean protein is a good option as a slower absorbing protein, as it is going to evenly distribute throughout the course of the day. It is also recommended to consume casein before going to bad.

Absorption time: 4-6 hours


egg products

Egg protein has a high efficiency rating, and your body will absorb anywhere from 1.5 to 4 grams per hour, after using this supplement. It is going to provide critical hormone producing pathways, as the protein source is high in amino acids, and is high in the essential amino acids that the body needs to survive, build muscle, and to thrive.

Absorption time: 2-3 hours


soy products

Soy is one of the most commonly used supplements, whether it is for body building, weight loss, or simply to increase protein intake on a daily basis. It has possibly the slowest absorption rate, coming in at about 1 to 3 grams per hour, after consumption. Depending on your desired goals, your desired protein consumption for the day, and the source of protein that fits in best with your diet, this might be a good option to consider; soy is a great ingredient to include in the diet as it helps fight cancer, and is a great source for women to include in their diet.

Absorption time: 4 hours

No matter what you choose to use, or how much protein you are trying to get on a daily basis, the faster they are absorbed in to the system, the sooner they are going to start to work. So, although whey is the fastest absorbing protein, these are all viable options to turn to. Knowing what your goals are and what the desired end result is, these are some of the protein sources to consider, when you are laying out your diet and workout plan.



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