Ulisses Jr Workout

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Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder and fitness expert who has been well-known for his physique. He has six pack abs as well as large muscles on his arms and legs. His transformation took place many years ago when he got interested in gaining size and strength instead of just being athletic. Soon after he took control of his diet and exercise he saw that he could turn his body into a powerhouse. Now he stands at 5’10” and depending on the time of year weighs between 205 and 215 pounds(88.5 – 93.0kg) of pure muscle! He has been in a number of bodybuilding competitions and has won many of them because of his amazing body.

Ulisses Jr has devoted his bodybuilding career to staying natural and taking supplements. Throughout his career many accused him of juicing, or using steroids, but Ulisses says that it is his clean natural diet that has helped him keep his lean physique and pack on muscle throughout the years.

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Ulisses Jr Workout

One thing that Ulisses remembers when he is working out is that he wants to be the best. This gives him motivation to push forward and make the most of each of the workouts that he does. His training philosophy is based on a variety of different movements that work all different muscle groups in his body. His goal is to start off strong and steady, but to finish with power until he’s totally exhausted. He finishes off every one of his workout sessions with what he calls the “finisher” to make sure that he gives 110% at every workout and fully exhausts the muscles. This is one of his secrets to having the amazing physique that he has. Ulisses performs workout routines every day of the week that focus on different parts of the body. He attributes this to his massive 20″ arms and 47″ chest.

For example, on Monday he might work on his legs while Tuesday he works on his back or arms. This gives him a chance to do a wide range of exercises while resting each part of the body on different training days. In addition to this, he has one day where he does a workout that he feels will benefit a certain part of the body. Every week this body part is different and his choice will depend on what he feels is best for him at the time. Every week Ulisses also takes one day off in order to rest his body and recover from the difficult workouts that he did throughout the week.


Diet Principles

Throughout the week Ulisses eats a healthy diet that consists of a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates. He stays away from pork and red meat, and also tries to eat around six meals per day to keep his metabolism ramped up. If he does eat red meat, then he sticks with steak and doesn’t consume it that often. One thing unique about his diet is that he eats a cheat meal on the weekend, which helps satisfy any cravings he has! A lot of bodybuilders don’t do this, but it is something that works for him.

Ulisses also takes basic supplements to provide his body with essential nutrients, and drinks a lot of protein shakes throughout the week. He has spent a lot of time studying nutrition, so a balanced diet is extremely important to him on a daily basis. Because his body is a major part of his job, he sticks with a healthy diet all throughout the year. He’s always finding new ways to eat healthy and get more nutrition into his body daily, and will normally eat as much natural food as he can. He believes that nature is nurture and processed foods won’t do anything for his body.

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