Lazar Angelov Workout

day 2

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    • Parminder

      Warm up with jumping jacks.3 sets of 10-12 reps of each esercixe.30 Second rest between sets and 60 second rest between esercixes.EXERCISES1. 0:38 Warm-up: Jumping Jacks2. 0:54 Back: Pull Ups3. 1:03 Quads: Lunges4. 1:14 Biceps: Bicep Curls5. 1:27 Abs: Reverse Crunches6. 1:41 Chest: Push-Ups7. 1:51 Butt, Hamstrings: Reverse Lunges8. 2:07 Triceps: Close Grip Push-Ups9. 2:20 Abs: Cross Crunch10. 2:31 Shoulders: Pike Shoulder PressHope this helps

  1. Adrian Garay

    Lazar I’m a big fan, what kind of diet and workout would you recommend me I’m 205 lb and want to pack on some serious muscle and strengthen my core. 5’6 and weigh 205

  2. Dhruv

    Thats a great introduction about Lazar Angelov. But, it would be even better if u share his biceps size, chest size and others..

    Thanks 🙂

  3. sunil chandel

    lazor sir i‘m a big fan of u… plzzzz suggest me diet shedule n workout…….. plzzzzzz……………..

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